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AMMYT were formed in 2012 and they come from Weiden, Germany. They started initially as […]
November 3, 2020
Ammyt - New Perspectives album cover

AMMYT were formed in 2012 and they come from Weiden, Germany. They started initially as Black Metal band and released a demo (2015) and one full-length album in 2016. Since the release of a second demo in 2018, AMMYT changed their style towards melodic Death Metal and released now their second album "New Perspectives". This is a concept album about the inner war many people struggle with. It was released via German label STF Records. "New Perspectives" has a total length of 41 minutes.

"New Perspectives" is an album that is dominated by a firework of melodic and harmonic guitars, powerful and catchy guitar riffs and chords, and mid-tempo driven sound. It all starts with an intro that includes piano and acoustic guitars before it nicely transitions into "Phobia" that offers all elements of melodeath: catchy leads, crunchy guitar riffs, harmonic lead guitar solos, all combined with the guttural vocals of Fabian Wirth. There are a few slight variations in tempo, but overall there are no distortions of the song structure. "As Leaves Turn Red" is a bit faster, the rhythm and melodies are catchy. Both guitarists play really well together. I noticed that the guitars sound very well-rehearsed throughout the entire album.

"Valkyr" and "Stranded" are songs, where Fabian Wirth varies the vocals a bit ranging from low end to higher pitched vocals. I like his low vocals a lot more than the rather uniform growls in some of the songs. "Masked In The Mirror" is a bit slower compared to the other songs, but could easily become a fan favorite and an anthem with the epic choruses accompanied by harmonic lead sequences. "To Reach The Shore" in its original version is an instrumental while the bonus track version is not.

AMMYT stick to their guns until the final note on "New Perspectives" with their intriguing approach of catchy riffing and lead guitar harmonies. With "No Time To Waste" they create another highlight for melodeath fans. A worthy finale of an excellent album.

"As Leaves Turn Red" was also released as video. Shot in an old, abandoned industrial building (at least it is my impression), AMMYT performs the song in a variety of different settings and parts of the building. The video is partially in black & white and uses a decent number of cuts. Overall it is very professionally filmed. Check it out, the YouTube link is given below.

"New Perspectives" is an excellent album for melodic Death Metal fans. AMMYT follows successful patterns of this genre. It is mainly driven by the interplay of the two guitars: riffs and chords are catchy and powerful, lead sequences fit perfectly to the riffs and lead guitar solos are very harmonic. The vocals could have more variations and lack a bit of character and uniqueness. The production of "New Perspectives" is very good. AMMYT delivers an authentic and ear-catching album and the band is clearly one for the future!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"New Perspectives" Track-listing:

1. The Horror Of Habit
2. Phobia
3. As Leaves Turn Red
4. Dreamcatcher
5. Valkyr
6. Stranded
7. Masked In The Mirror
8. To Reach The Shore
9. City Of Memories
10. No Time To Waste
11. To Reach The Shore (Bonus Track)

Ammyt Lineup:

Fabian Wirth -Vocals, Bass
Daniel Brenner -Guitars, Vocals
Phillip Hagn - Guitars
Adrian Bodensteiner - Drums

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