Raise Your Hands


After the overnight buzz that occurred in consequence of their appearance at the Swedish selection […]
By YngwieViking
March 31, 2014
Ammotrack - Raise Your Hands album cover

After the overnight buzz that occurred in consequence of their appearance at the Swedish selection for the Eurovision song contest, where the young band from Skövde performed their new single "Raise Your Hands" and truly gained a mainstream exposure, the next smart move was to release a new strategic album with a selection of songs from their two previous underground CDs titled "Ammotrack" (2008) and "Come Die With Us" (2011), in order to capitalize on this huge opportunity.

They didn't reinvent the wheel or anything, but they hold a good potential when it comes to Party Metal music, fierce, over-self-confidant and equipped with a great arsenal of anthemic chorus yet heavy sounded tracks and great musical weapons like an amazing pair of six strings gunslingers (with an ability the method of flamethrower lead spots & blistering solos-) but most of all the sound of AMMOTRACK, it's all about an energetic delivery of Sleaze Metal with slight Street Rock 'n' Roll attitude both crafted in the perfect balance of the old classic and contemporary fashion! This compilation contains twelve hot songs, loaded with a communicative fun, full of juvenile dedication and sharp riffages infused Headbanging Hard Rock, with plenty of outstanding melodic hooks and many exalting sing along moments.

AMMOTRACK is another talented Swedish outfit and once again, a great proof of the mastery and genetic superiority of those bands hailing from this beautiful Nordic land: Sweden's water must be infected by an unknown virus... How the hell this country could be at the head of the Metal scene for over three decades without receiving assistance by a strange paranormal phenomenon?

8 / 10


"Raise Your Hands" Track-listing:

1. Raise your hands
2. Living like an angel
3. A bigger bang
4. Back on track
5. My sweet insane
6. Hitman
7. Let your dream decide
8. Pain of the game
9. S.H.O.U.T
10. Life is calling
11. Come die with me me
12. Scream for your mother

Ammotrack Lineup:

Mikael de Bruin - Lead Vocals
Oscar Fläring - Guitars
Sebastian Nero - Guitars
Anders Franssohn - Drums
Jonas Jeppsson - Bass

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