Even an old school Metal fanatic such as I, can't really turn away its gaze […]
July 13, 2016
Amiensus - Ascension album cover

Even an old school Metal fanatic such as I, can't really turn away its gaze from the face of articulacy and fascinating beauty. Once again I stumble upon an American bred extreme Metal entity, sinking its hands in the mud of the modern tendency and once again there is nothing left for me other than to sing praises. AMIENSUS, based in Rochester, Minnesota, has been around for a while, certainly not ancient though, challenged the basis of Black / Doom Metal and barged in with a modern superiority while not abandoning the old heritage, well maybe just a bit leaving it in dust but set it free to roam just for a little while. "Ascension", independently released, is their sophomore album, and from this angle, winter has never felt so enticing.

Such as its name, this album is AMIENSUS's call for fire, their major step into recognition, to rise. The band has been displaying characteristics that are common in European extreme Metal and breeding life into them with contemporary elements. These generated aspects had these guys torn away from the primitiveness of the past and into the post era. Like in previous explorations of mine through what is called Post Black Metal, I was just awarded with another proof that in a weird kind of way it actually upgraded the old blackened relic into a being of exquisiteness, a form of extremity that is still true and has its hook drawn to keep listeners in line for another dose.

"Ascension" applies virtues that have been integral in such iconic bands as the later era of EMPEROR, the rather newer blackened Folkish strain of ENSLAVED, once Melodic Death Metal exports in progression that is OPETH and touch of cold and dark Doom Metal conservation within the veteran NOVEMBRE. Of course I bet that each of you would find different comparisons, yet I believe that these can serve as common ground. However, I think that "Ascension" investigated harmony and melody further by employing a variety of insights to capture the listener and have him / her dive in the grayish waters. Quality is the name of the game, and with their finesse AMIENSUS left me gasping for just another tune ("One in Spirit", "Towards Horizon", "Time Is Growing Old") Nonetheless, and this is mainly for those that are in mainly for impaling of souls, "Ascension" it is still acting up brutal and fierce, crushing in decisive moments of late 90s energies and wrath, yet with a good taste to let in other elements through the entry ("What Evil Lay Dormant", "What Words Create", "On These Deserted Plains").

Honestly, it is an album that is hard to leave back, if I could give it a 10, I would have trust, nothing is too perfect, yet I guess that it wouldn't take these guys too long to come up with another epos of utter inhuman clarity.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Ascension" Track-listing:

1. On These Deserted Plains
2. Towards Horizon
3. What Words Create
4. One in Spirit
5. Delphic Æther
6. Divine Potion of Acumen
7. Time Is Growing Old
8. Glass Dungeon
9. What Evil Lay Dormant

Amiensus Lineup:

James Benson - Harsh Vocals, Clean Vocals, Guitar
Alec Rozsa - Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
D. Todd Farnham- Bass
Zack Morgenthaler - Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Graphic Designer
Chris Piette - Drums
Aaron McKinney - Clean Vocals
Julia Holter - Clean Vocals

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