At times, I wonder one simple thing: are there that many AOR/Melodic Rock fans out […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 28, 2006
Ambition - Ambition album cover

At times, I wonder one simple thing: are there that many AOR/Melodic Rock fans out there, willing (and capable, of course) to purchase every single release these 'addicted' Italians put out all the time? Not talkin' 'bout music quality (or only Frontiers' catalogue), I'd really like to see the sales' numbers of e.g. the last five years' CDs of this genre. Hope the request for this kinda music is analogue to the products released.
Tommy Denander is no stranger to fans of what the Media refer to as 'Melodic Rock'. He's really talented, he's got the 'sprit' and his works with countless - and I mean it - artists in numerous projects (check here) show his unique personality. On the other side, Thom Griffin's presence will bring tons of smiles to the ones who still remember the magical music of AOR monsters Trillion, created 25+ years ago. Replacing then vocalist Dennis Fergie Frederiksen (later known globally for his works with Toto), Griffin sung on Trillion's Clear Approach (1980) album. It was not less than 22 years later that both Griffin and Frederiksen met in the Mecca supergroup/project, 'assembled' by World Stage frontman Joe Vana - also featuring Survivor guitarist Jim Peterik and Toto bassist David Hungate among others. Well, enough with encyclopedia issues, I feel tired myself...
Still, the point of the aforementioned historical data is to clarify the 'path' Ambition walk on (as if it would be difficult for someone to guess). Even if the track Waiting In My Dreams has already appeared in Frontiers 2003's Rock The Bones compilation album (enlisted in this CD as a European market bonus track), the album reviewed here is the first proper release of Ambition. Of course, you know what to expect: fine AOR/Melodic Rock music, with excellent grooves, melodious leads, moody keyboards, ample bass/drums 'workings' and - last but not least - grand vocal leads by (mainly) Griffin and (where noted) Joe Vana and Jean Michel Byron (a Toto vocalist, also?). In a set of twelve equally first-class tunes, cuts like Hold On, Hypocrites, Make It Alright and Waiting In My Dreams are the first ones I found myself shaking my head to with (more) enjoyment. I'd choose a different cover, though...
It shouldn't make sense to see a variation in this album, related to the vast majority of Frontiers releases. Still, Ambition did 'stick' in my mind. And this, because of Griffin himself. One of the finest voices in the genre is back in action. I suggest you try it for yourselves.

7 / 10


"Ambition" Track-listing:

Hold On
Hypocrites **
Alone I Cry
Shaping Fate And Destiny
All I Need
Make It Alright
No Wasted Moments
Too Much **
Hunger *
The Promise
Waiting In My Dreams **

* Lead Vocals by Jean Michel Byron
** Lead Vocals by Thom Griffin & Jean Michel Byron

Ambition Lineup:

Thom Griffin - Lead Vocals (except where noted)
Jean Michel Byron, Joe Vana - Lead Vocals (where noted)
Tommy Denander - Guitars
Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi - Bass, Keyboards
Masayoshi Yamasuka, Joachim Cannaiuolo - Drums

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