Voice In The Light

Amaran's Plight

This is the debut album from a band (or a project? I really don't know) […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
November 7, 2007
Amaran's Plight - Voice In The Light album cover

This is the debut album from a band (or a project? I really don't know) that can be definitely characterized as supergroup. You'll agree with me if you take me minute and look over the lineup; there you'll find DC Cooper who is already know to us from his works with ROYAL HUNT and lately with SILENT FORCE, Gary Wehrkamp who is into Progressive Metal along with SHADOW GALLERY, Nick D'Virgilio who has performed as a drummer with famous artists and acts like SPOCK'S BEARD, GENESIS and FATES WARNING and last but not least the bassist Kurt Barabas who has co-operated with VOYAGER and SILENT SON amongst others.
The expectations are really high taking into account the rich biography of AMARAN'S PLIGHT's members. Fortunately, those (actually my) expectations were fully met as soon as the CD has stopped spinning in my player. These guys have used their talent in making the fitting music for the story that is told in this concept album. The story behind the lyrics was based on the homonymous novel by John W. Crawford who is also the executive producer of the album. In this album you can get almost everything from AOR to Progressive Metal;  Wehrkamp has done an excellent work on the clean and distorted guitars while DC Cooper proves once again that he owns a wonderful voice that I feel is underestimated. The crystal clean production gives space to every musical organ and you can really enjoy the solid rhythm section built by the bass guitar and the steady drumming.
The 11-minute trilogy Incident At Haldeman's Lake with the very good keyboard and vocal melodies and the clean guitar arpeggios is an audio proof of what happens when talented musicians create music for the sake of music and not the money. Among the album highlights there are the emotional I Promise You where Cooper shares the vocal duties with Trisha O'Keefe the fast guitar driven Viper and the opus Revelation that ideally closes the story comprising some very good guitar (excellent tapping) and keyboard solos. You can really sink your teeth in this album after the third audition or more since there are a lot to discover in this album and I am sure that you'll find yourself most pleased in doing so.
If you are familiar to DC Cooper's musical background and Progressive Rock is your cup of tea then you should acquire this album without second thoughts and enjoy the story told by a most talented and experienced quartet.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Voice In The Light" Track-listing:

Room 316
Friends Forever
Coming of Age
Incident At Haldemans Lake
Reflections Part I
I Promise You
Consummation Opus
Truth And Tragedy
Shattered Dreams
Betrayed By Love
Turning Point

Amaran's Plight Lineup:

DC Cooper - Vocals
Gary Wehrkamp - Guitars, Keyboards
Nick D'Virgilio - Drums
Kurt Barabas - Bass

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