All Eyes On Me


ALTZI released their debut album in March. Some may recognize the name, Rick Altzi, no stranger […]
By Sarah Tijan
May 22, 2022
Altzi - All Eyes On Me album cover

ALTZI released their debut album in March. Some may recognize the name, Rick Altzi, no stranger to the music industry, playing and performing with the likes of AT VANCE, ACCEPT and PAIN OF SALVATION to name a few. Setting out on a solo career after performing with bands such as those listed could be a scary event, but ALTZI shows no signs of nerves if you were expecting that, this album is filled with melodic rock and strong vocals that are nothing short of rock and roll goodness.

All Eyes On Me takes off out of the gate ready to win the hearts of fans of melodic rock. "Point of No Return" comes at you with the gravelly voice to the guitar riffs and pump you up lyrics, it's the complete package. Full of everything you'd expect and want out of rock, and from one of the greats, you expect more, Rick Altzi delivers.

"Into the Fire" pulls at the emotions with a keyboard intro that is both calming and mystical at the same time, once the guitar comes in and the lyrics come alive, it speeds up, and involves the listener, the lyrics haunting yet familiar, a combination that I feel is hard to achieve, executed perfectly on this track. With a guitar solo meant for the stage, the track is overflowing with passion both lyrical and musically. Not only heard but felt.

It's not often that a musician or artist will stop me in my tracks, to replay an intro, "Legacy" had me doing just that. Music has always intrigued me, the intro on this track did just that, from the initial music to the scream at the start of the lyrics, the song gets your blood pumping and you feel as though you are ready to take on the world. ALTZI was meant to write and record this track, the musicianship on this is superb and falls in line with Rick Altzi's lyrical ability.

The list of extraordinary guest musicians on the album is long. From Joel Hoekstra (JOEL HOEKASTRA'S 13) to Eric Rauti (DREAMLAND) to Victor Ohlsson (SAFFIRE) to name a few, no wonder the album is so strong on guitar and burning passion. "Strangers In The Real World" is no exception. The feel and guitar on this track are probably the strongest, with vivid riffs and chords that bring the song alive.

"Motherless Child" takes the album in a different direction, a pleading soul searching track that will haunt you as you listen to it. Another vocal performance executed to the limit by Rick Altzi, ALTZI doesn't overpower any one part of a track, each is executed perfectly within limits, this track doesn't rush and isn't falling behind, the track is more measured, it's not a ballad by any means, it's not as fast played as the others, more mellow if you will.

Adding a touch of tenderness to the album, ALTZI brings us "Winds And The Rain" a ballad that would make any 80's ballad fan proud. Heartfelt and performed as if it's being performed just for you, the listener, the love and passion written and sang about in the song brings a pang of heartbreak to those who listen, wanting whatever relationship this was written about to be a success, to happen. "Wind and The Rain" brings back memories of my days of living for the Nelson Twins, but with stronger vocals and more powerful musicians, but in their style of a love song.

Once in a while you see a band that can take an emotion and write the perfect song to reflect that, without making it overwhelming. "All Eyes On Me" is an excellent example of a track where a band brings all the passion and pain together, releasing a song that can and will pull you in every direction, from the start of the song, you feel something, the pain in the vocals, the tense yet melodic rhythm of the guitar and the lyrics that tell the story, ALTZI makes that story relatable and easy to listen to.

All Eyes On Me is a well written, well performed album all the way through, you could easily put the album on random and no matter which way you listen to it, there is a story to be told.  ALTZI takes their years of time in music and turns it into a great first album, one that stands out and leaves the future wide open for another or several releases, from the start of this album to the end, there is so many different ranges that can take the band in any direction they want to. Rick Altzi knows what he is doing in the vocal area, as well as arranging tracks to be the style of Melodic rock that he wanted to relay, definitely not afraid to take a chance and meant to be on the microphone.  The choices of musicians on the album are nothing short of amazing and the respect that is shown to each and every one of them is clear through each track. If this album does anything, it clearly marks the beginning of a promising career for ALTZI.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"All Eyes On Me" Track-listing:

1. Point Of No Return
2. Crash And Fall
3. Into The Fire
4. Run to you
5. Legacy
6. You Don't Believe In Love
7. Strangers In The Real World
8. Desire
9. Hurting K
10. Motherless Child
11. Wind & The Rain
12. Tossin' And Turnin'
13. Final Warning
14. Where Dreams Never Die

Altzi Lineup:

Rick Altzi - Vocals
Magnus Berglund - Guitars
Morgan Jensen - Guitars
Ken Sandin - Bass guitar
Kevin Kott - Drums

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