When you think that the time has come to smell some rotten death metal pieces, […]
By Azmo Lozmodial
August 12, 2013
Altars - Paramnesia album cover

When you think that the time has come to smell some rotten death metal pieces, then you have the Australian Death Metal act ALTARS, the debut album "Paramnesia" will be released the next month by Nuclear Winter Records, and this record will follow up the successful demos and split albums that the band have released in the past few years, creating a solid fan base around the world and spreading their spectacular rotten smell to all the worshippers of the Death Metal music. If you're not familiar with Australian extreme metal scene, then this album will be a good choice for you to start from, just let your ears smell these stinky melodies.

"Paramnesia" is not a simple album, and it hasn't been created for the simple listeners, because the old school Death Metal elements are mixed well with the modern death metal techniques, creating a whole new smell, the coarseness of the guitars and the insanity of the drumming are melted together violently to produce such an omnipresent atmosphere. The three previous releases have helped the band to expand its experience, so you can easily notice the improvement and the matured melodies and the wise skull-crashing Death Metal riffs here and there, without forgetting the descent sound of the bass beneath the influential sound of the distortion. The artwork is unbelievable, the decayed materials and the rotten shades are just wonderful, and it describes the music in a very good way, such an old school artwork reminds me of the early 90s Death Metal scene, the golden era of the genre.

There are so many tracks in this record that can really shake your spine, tracks like "Solar Barge" and "Khaz'neh" are not easy at all, even the vicious feelings of these tracks are not easy to follow, some intelligent complexity and catchy drums patterns will be sophisticated throughout this record-journey. The tracks "Mare" and the triple "Paramnesia" tracks will also be enjoyable for the Death Metal fans, and some guitar fabrics will remind you of the bands MORBID ANGEL and IMMOLATION. I enjoyed the tracks of this album, and I hope the band will always release music with the same (or better) quality, because the Australian Death Metal scene really needs such stinky death metal sound and sick bloody musical structures.

The rapid and the flashy licks here be merged with the vehemence of the vocalist, so don't let the album "Paramnesia" slip easily between your hands, get ready to be crashed by this insane solidity and get your copy now, this Death Metal journey have been created to leave a stained impression on your fragile ears.

8 / 10


"Paramnesia" Track-listing:

1. Mare
2. Terse
3. Khaz'neh
4. Solar Barge
5. Husk
6. Descent (Paramnesia, part I)
7. Gibbous (Paramnesia, part II)
8. Ouroboros (Paramnesia, part III)

Altars Lineup:

Alan Cadman - Drums
Lewis Fischer - Guitars
Cale Schmidt - Vocals, Bass

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