Almost Human

Swiss band ALMØST HUMAN are releasing their first full length six years after their debut EP. "Xs2xtc" […]
By Martin "Doomed" Desbois
January 17, 2019
Almost Human - XS2XTC album cover

Swiss band ALMØST HUMAN are releasing their first full length six years after their debut EP. "Xs2xtc" offers fourteen songs (for six years of writing). They can be described or tagged as NU-METAL but they are far more than that. They are an overwhelming blend of styles and inspirations. Complexity meets a throat punch. The vocals are really in the forefront. Half of the band participates in the singing so we have plenty of nice harmonies and interesting vocal work throughout the record. The least I can say is that this record is very dynamic and moving. "System of beliefs" is asking a question to us; Are we seeing reality, or aren't us just blinded by a major illusion of what we want to see? Great opener.

"War pigs" isn't a BLACK SABBATH cover song.Well the title says it all about the subject. Great drumming here. "Naked Now" is a great song, are they talking about being nude for real or is it an analogy for the album cover? I'm not sure. "What makes you so hard?" is a difficult song...it's complex, and needs a few listen to really get it. The further you go in, it gets slower and more calm. "Chemical Breakfast" is an instrumental that shares good moments and asymmetric sounding while some special voice can be heard.

"Divine Comedy" is a softer one, revolving around the theme of loneliness. It is like a storytelling. There are more emotions more introspective moments here. The choruses are mainly clean vocals. It creates a nice break from the devastation. "Baby Glued..."what a weird song title! It talks mainly about deception, the anger that follows it and the violent finale. "Clowned" starts with an intro that leads us to sadness and anger city. So much pain evoked here...very original music. "Beloved Pet" as a very repetitive lyrics pattern but the song structure and the way its written kisses some originality even if they repeat so much the lyrics.

"Promised Paradise" is another way to talk about the band's theme here: illusions.Religion can  be one in the eyes of agnostic people. I can feel that they're not into religion that much. We can hear organ in this song to let the listener feel a church ambiance. "In the Name(s) of God(s)" tells about the problematic behind being a religious fanatic by killing people for their beliefs. And this is not an illusion nowadays... "Fucktory of illusions" is a great melting pot of all the band is able to perform. It's a great song, with catchy guitars, and energetic drumming."From womb 2 womb" is the second instrumental.It's deformed and deconstructed.

"Welcome 2 Neverland" is the closer and the longest song on this record (about 14 minutes). It features breakdowns, technically driven drum and guitar with excellent vocals, reaching peaks and downs like a roller coaster, with some strange melodic line in the background that puts forward an extra weird and transporting vibe to the song. This album is about variations on a theme...illusions and the human behaviour around it. The vocals are very cool, it reminds me of KILLING JOKE and GOJIRA. Overall this is a well written album with excellent elements within it. Maybe the only bad thing is that sometimes I had a hard time understanding the lyrics.

8 / 10









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"XS2XTC" Track-listing:

1. System of Beliefs
2. Warpigs
3. Naked Now
4. What Makes You so Hard?
5. Chemical Breakfast
6. Divine Comedy
7. Babyglued
8. Clowned
9.. Beloved Pet
10. Promised Paradise
11. In the Name(s) of God(s)
12. Fucktory of Illusions
13. From Womb 2 Wombs
14. Welcome 2 Neverland

Almost Human Lineup:

Ben Pluss  - Vocals
Chris Matthey - Producer, Mixer, Guitar, Vocals
Gilles Bonzon - Guitar
Jan Peyer - Bass
Olivier Perdrizadt - Guitar, Vocals
Rosario Fullone - Drums

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