Destination Known


I love family trees; I love 'em 'cause they feed my 'trivia' appetite plus they […]
By Grigoris Chronis
June 17, 2007
Alliance - Destination Known album cover

I love family trees; I love 'em 'cause they feed my 'trivia' appetite plus they confirm music genres are not as distanced as some would hope. In the case of ALLIANCE, things may not be so extended but - to a certain point - this is the reason for them having been primarily labelled as an all-star band. Some fine AOR/American FM Rock news for fans of the style is the credit for this review.
Four musicians: Robert Berry (3, HUSH, GTR, AMBROSIA) and Gary Pihl (BOSTON, SAMMY HAGAR) and David Lauser (SAMMY HAGAR) and Alan Fitz Fitzgerald (NIGHT RANGER). Two albums of high-class AOR/FM Rock music - 1997's Alliance plus 1999's Missing Piece - and some good recognition for already known musicians. In this deluxe fold-out digipack 2-CD set, Escape releases these two albums as a set, added by a good doze of bonus tracks. Alliance is a 'must' for any AOR fan, featuring killer tunes (especially True Meaning Of Love, Rosie's Cantina and Best Of Me) while Missing Piece stands just one level below by trying to be more 'mature' in a somehow sophisticated way. A notable album, though, by all means (featuring Do it For Free, written by Sammy Hagar). As regards the musicians' performance plus the production (especially in Missing Piece), limited change would it be to expect something mediocre form such an outfit.
Bonus 'goodies' sum it up to eight previously unreleased (or Japan-only released) tracks, really suitable to your AOR needs (including the Stevie Wonder cover of Tell Me Something Good and My My My from the Japanese version of Alliance). All in all, Destination Known is the great deal if you're missing ALLIANCE's so far discography, while the Escape label has promised to bring out a brand new ALLIANCE album at some time in 2007. Escape bears a unique charisma in excellent re-releases (both content and layout) and this ALLIANCE combo surely adds up to the (band's and) label's credit. Way to go!

8 / 10


"Destination Known" Track-listing:

Disc 1

True Meaning Of Love
Sleepless Nights
Second Chance
Turn Around
Rosie's Cantina
So All Alone
Best of Me
(The World Is) Changin'
Endless Nights
You've Changed
Hurts So Bad
Find A Way
My My My
This Is The World
Tell Me something Good
Love Win

Disc 2

I'd Give Anything
Missing Piece
Building Wisdom From The Wounds
Call Of The Wild
I Gotta Know
Young Blood
Its A Long Way To Go
Without You
It's My Life
Don't Turn Away
Gotta Find That Woman
Do It For Free
Cross That Line
The Gift

Alliance Lineup:

Robert Berry - Vocals
Gary Pihl - Guitars
David Lauser - Drums
Alan Fitz Fitzgerald - Keyboards

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