Fragments Of Form And Function


Without even knowing what the name this band chose means, I started listening to "Fragments […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
July 27, 2010
Allegaeon - Fragments Of Form And Function album cover

Without even knowing what the name this band chose means, I started listening to "Fragments Of Form And Function". With the album being released through the German Metal Blade Records and the cover artwork designed by the one and only Colin Marks (SCAR SYMMETRY, NEVERMORE) there were some expectations born and from what I found out, ALLEGAEON is not bad at all!

Hailing from the US, this five piece act began its career with a self titled, self financed EP, which was handed out for free at local shows. Their hard work and dedication paid off when Metal Blade offered them a contract for the release of their debut full-length album. A hard test for ALLEGAEON, but they don't seem to have any trouble passing it...

The band's music is a mix of melodic Death Metal with some slightly brutal parts incorporated in it. The guitar riffing helps a lot since it spits its heavy riffing along with great leads, while the diversity of Haynes' vocals is another destructive weapon in the band's arsenal. Belfastalso adds his own artistic perspective with his clever drumming, which adds some extra "quality" (I hate using this word, but I couldn't come up with another right now) to ALLEGAEON's music. What takes "Fragments Of Form And Function" one step further is the production, which dresses the music with a crystal clear sound. The only thing I didn't really like (just a matter of personal taste) is the sound of the drums, which has this totally US plastic style.

Regarding the lyrics now, as the band's frontman Ezra Haynes says, "The concept of 'Fragments Of Form And Function'is in one way or another science related theories. Some of the topics we touch base on are cryonics, stem cell research, evolution, pharmaceutical structure and so on..."
All in all, "Fragments Of Form And Function" is a more than decent album that leaves promises for a bright future for these five guys from Colorado. I guess that people who are into bands like SCAR SYMMETRY, MISERATION etc, should check them out.

7 / 10


"Fragments Of Form And Function" Track-listing:
  1. The Cleansing
  2. The Renewal
  3. Across The Folded Line
  4. The God Particle
  5. Biomech - Vals No. 666
  6. From Seed To Throne
  7. Atrophy Of Hippocrates
  8. Point Of Disfigurement
  9. A Cosmic Question
  10. Accelerated Evolution
Allegaeon Lineup:

Ezra Haynes - Vocals
Ryan Glisan - Guitar
Greg Burgess - Guitar
Corey Archuleta - Bass
Jordon Belfast - Drums

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