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All to Ruin

ALL TO RUIN is a Welsh-based Metalcore band that were formed in the summer of 2011. Having found […]
By Megan McMillan
April 8, 2015
All to Ruin - Among Us album cover

ALL TO RUIN is a Welsh-based Metalcore band that were formed in the summer of 2011. Having found success with regional shows they entered the studio for the first time recording in Newport's Notting Pill Studio that has also had the pleasure of recording big metal bands like SLIPKNOT and TRIVIUM. The band's populist sound has attracted attention from big names like Kerrang! and Metal Hammer and they've also had airplay on national radio stations. Since their first EP "Parables", they're second EP, "Among Us" is to be released this April!

Among us is an impressive EP. The explosiveness of it shows us that they are a band who are just about to break out of the underground Metal scene and into the mainstream. Yes they don't have the most original sound and some of the melodies that they provide are eerily comparable to the likes of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE but they pull it off so well! It's got the catchy harmonies and melodies you could possibly want from a metal cores that are enhanced by the singers soaring vocal pipes. But the way the guitars, bass and propelling drums come together, they burst into a heavy remedy that is consistent throughout the record.

But what makes this EP so spectacular is that no song sounds the same. One of the reasons why I find it so hard to find new bands in the Metal scene is because not all of them know how to create a diversity of sounds in their records. That's one of the best things about the Metalcore genre anyway, that there's such a mixture of sound. This EP really shows off their chosen genre at it's best with attitude heavy songs like "History" that consists of solid drum break downs and the slick, crunchy guitar lines that make you want to put your fist up in the air. Whereas "Take the Reigns" has a softer edge and is more about those hooks and melodies!

There is something seriously irresistible about All To Ruin. They have such mind blowing talent that I personally have found myself coming back for more. From the first song alone you can tell that there's that teenage angst vibe going on so older generation Metal fans might find it slightly harder to connect to their sound. Though that's not to say that they can't enjoy it. But regardless of who they appeal too, it's safe to say that ALL TO RUIN have provided the Metal community with a slue of great tracks that are impact full and contagious. I'm so in awe of the band that I genuinely think they are going to be the next big thing.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Among Us" Track-listing:

1. Take the Reigns
2. Among Us
3. Disconnect
4. History
5. Beneath the Steel

All to Ruin Lineup:

Aaron Roberts
Dan George
Rhordi Williams
Tom Richardson

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