All That Remains

Even though I am one of the most dedicated enemies of the Metalcore movement, this […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
October 23, 2008
All That Remains - Overcome album cover

Even though I am one of the most dedicated enemies of the Metalcore movement, this is one of the very few bands that make me bang my head or sing along the lyrics of some song (usually of a nice melodic catchy chorus). The fact is, that Metalcore managed to prove that I am 100% right for one more time, since even ALL THAT REMAINS disappointed me releasing their worst album ever and showing that in this kind of music, after the success comes the downfall.

After releasing their previous successful album The Fall Of Ideals (2006, Prosthetic), ALL THAT REMAINS managed to become known and get their lazy asses out on the street for some serious live appearances. The album's hit This Calling - which I personally adore - was even a part of many compilations and movie soundtracks. Two years later, the band returns with a brand new album, Overcome, which doesn't overcome the success of their previous album by no means.

We know the story. We have the classic AT THE GATES/IN FLAMES rip offs, the screaming vocals that are interrupted only in the chorus by some clean melodic ones and the melodic guitars with the pseudo technical breaks. This is definitely the worst moment of creativity for this band. We are talking about the worst song structures and the worst riffing ever written by ALL THAT REMAINS. Let me add the shitty lyrics that almost touch the emo fields (I really can't stand Labonte's whining) and the meaningless cover of NEVERMORE's amazing song Believe In Nothing. I have listened to this cover many times just to understand why they chose this track, but I still haven't managed to find any specific meaning behind this move. The only thing I found was a shitty cover.

I am completely disappointed by ALL THAT REMAINS and I just hope they return to their good old self quickly. Let's just hope that this was just a small wrong step.

3 / 10


"Overcome" Track-listing:

Before The Damned
Two Weeks
Forever In Your Hands
Days Without
A Song For The Hopeless
Do Not Obey
Believe In Nothing (NEVERMORE Cover)

All That Remains Lineup:

Phil Labonte - Vocals
Oli Herbert - Guitar
Mike Martin - Guitar
Jeanne Sagan - Bass
Jason Costa - Drums

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