The Price Of Existence

All Shall Perish

Death metal and technical grind; All Shall Perish is one of the few bands that […]
By Elina Papadoyianni
September 5, 2006
All Shall Perish - The Price Of Existence album cover

Death metal and technical grind; All Shall Perish is one of the few bands that dares to combine and mix those two genres in an innovative and successful way and delivers a smashing result. The group of five hailing from Oakland, California turned up with their second offering that will surely widen the boundaries of the Extreme Metal scene.
Their debut album Hate.Malice.Revenge was re-released in 2005 by Nuclear Blast Records and was originally released through the Japanese label Amputated Vein Records in 2003. During the year 2005, two members decided to leave the band, vocalist Craig Betit and guitarist/vocalist Caysen Russo and their place took guitarist Chris Storey and vocalist Hernan Hermida. The new line-up stood up to the band's expectations and standards and managed to move up a few levels their second album.
Powerful and creative riffs from guitarists Chris Storey and Ben Orum and gruesome vocals from Herman Eddie Hermida that vary from death metal growls to high pitched screams. Angry, pounding drums that step aside for some melodic changes and the other way around. Tracks like Eradication and Wage Slaves revolve around Death and Grindcore metal, while in songs like Better Living Through Catastrophe, Prisoner Of War as well as The Last Relapse, the band experiments through slower atmospheric tempos and melodic passages. In the highlights of this album are the tracks Day Of Justice and We Hold These Truths.  Many thanks to the instrumental Interlude that pauses for a few minutes the merciless violence and lets us catch our breath before it starts again.
All Shall Perish are one of the best newcomers in the Death/Hardcore arena.

8 / 10


"The Price Of Existence" Track-listing:

Wage Slaves
Day Of Justice
There Is No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet
Better Living Through Catastrophe
Prisoner Of War
We Hold These Truths
The True Beast
The Last Relapse

All Shall Perish Lineup:

Matt Kuykendall - Drums
Ben Orum - Rhythm Guitar
Chris Storey - Lead Guitar
Mike Tiner - Bass
Hernan Hermida - Vocals

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