All Consumed

All Consumed

Although I am not from the United Kingdom, I have been there once when I […]
By H.P. Buttcraft
February 17, 2015
All Consumed - All Consumed album cover

Although I am not from the United Kingdom, I have been there once when I was a kid. While I was there, I am very glad that my tour guide did not drive my father and I through Preston. Surely, if we had gone through there, we would have been eaten alive by the monsters that dwell there. Now, as an adult, the sons of those same monsters now play in a band called ALL CONSUMED and this is a review of their twisted demo that they have unleashed on the planet Earth.

The horror show of the demo's music is nightmarishly ferocious. On their song "Enraging", the primitive groove straight out of "Left Hand Path" snags onto you like rusty meat hooks. The beat and the tempo become virulent and infectious. These ghouls from Preston know how to create the soundtrack to a perfect graveyard stomp party. The music is brutal and gore-soaked but there's also a liveliness to it all which keeps you interested.

This is certainly death metal that echoes music made in the early 1990's on throughout the 2000's. It reminds me of bands like ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, BLOODBATH, CARNAGE, GRAVE and AUTOPSY. It should be said that ALL CONSUMED are part of the new wave of this resurgence in the style of Swedish death metal. Currently, bands like ENTRAILS, BLACK BREATH and XIABALBA are leading the way with this further experimentation with the crunchy, buzz saw guitar tones and blast beat drumming tone that is the signature of this sub-genre of death metal.

But since this is only a demo, it's all over before you even know it. And you are left with the cold emptiness after the bloodbath ensues. Now you come to realize that the "All Consumed" demo was, well, all consumed and there's nothing left. All I can really say is that a full-length release seems very promising from the beasts in ALL CONSUMED. This demo was a great joy to listen to and I hope to hear more terrorizing death metal belching out of Preston soon.

8 / 10


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"All Consumed" Track-listing:

1. Enraging
2. Black Rider
3. Gameplan
4. Skin Teeth
5. State of Mind

All Consumed Lineup:

Dave - Drums
Joe - Bass
Darren - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rob - Vocals

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