Heaven Tonight


From their EPK, “During the Pandemic, work also started on new material for ALICATE. The […]
June 13, 2024

From their EPK, “During the Pandemic, work also started on new material for ALICATE. The band looked for a natural progression from their previous heavy album that would result in a more melodic version of the group, adding even more hooks to the songs. The result was the most successful album to date "Butterfly.” The Swedish quartet quickly started recording their next release in the same vein. The result is their new album called "Heaven Tonight" that was recorded and mixed in Spjutseroad Studios and Blind Mans Aim Studios which was released on Pride & Joy Music on April 19th, 2024.”

This is another band that was formed during the golden heyday for Melodic Rock/Glam Metal of the 1980s. As both a writer and avid consumer of this kind of music, these kinds of revival albums always leave me a bit concerned, for two reasons. First, many Melodic/Glam acts of this time were unceremoniously put to bed by the advent of Grunge in the early 90’s, and the market at that time was oversaturated with these bands. How can one successfully revive this sound, or hope to add to the genre today? Second, will the dirty word called age catch up with the band, and will they have enough magic in their sleeves to pull it off? Many have tried, and failed. Some have succeeded. Let’s see how ALICATE makes out, by recalling the album’s best moments.

 If the opener is any indication, things are alive and well. “Are You Ready?” kicks into gear with a blistering guitar solo and expressive vocals that remind me of Sammy Hagar era VAN HALEN. Everything is there…the hooks, the harmonies, and the energy. The title track has a thick, bluesy riff with backing keys, meaty bass notes, and a memorable chorus, “Ride the Storm” has a delicate beauty and tender qualities that us lovers of power ballads will soak up, and it urges you to weather what is going on and keep pushing forward, “Dangerous” has a mid-tempo riff that charges forward with haste and is full of melodies, and “You’re Gone” brings a final sentimental approach, with a lot of emotion. Overall, this was a fantastic album with a lot of energy, emotion, and genuineness. Forget what year it came out, because that doesn't matter, it would stand up to the music of the 80's quite well. Welcome back, ALICATE. 

8 / 10









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"Heaven Tonight" Track-listing:

1. Are You Ready?

2. Under the Gun

3. Heaven Tonight

4. Big Time

5. Ride the Storm

6. Dreaming

7. Dangerous

8. Hold On

9. Count to Ten

10. You’re Gone


Alicate Lineup:

Jonas Erixon – Vocals, Guitars

Fredrik Ekberg – Bass

Glenn Ljungkvist – Keys

Jesper Persson – Drums


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