ALIASES is "Some Kind of Metal" band based out of Manchester, United Kingdom. Their debut […]
Aliases - Derangeable album cover

ALIASES is "Some Kind of Metal" band based out of Manchester, United Kingdom. Their debut album was released in 2011. "Derangeable" is their third, and contains eleven tracks. "Find Where You Hide" is the opening track, and right from the beginning I can tell I am in for a unique ride. It's technical, progressive and unconventional. The harsh vocals are shouted like you might hear in the Hardcore genre, but the clean vocals are done with intense harmony. Stylistically this really can't be pigeonholed. The saxophone solo and soft piano outro is reflective of this. "Everything is Upon Us" pushes your threshold a little further, as the instruments clash and tangle with one another in a ritualistic dance that is choreographed by a mad writer whose genius is probably misunderstood. The vocal harmonies remain the method that melody is delivered.
"Back to the Start" is much more linear from the start, with a more recognized song structure and looser feeling, breathing in and out slowly and allowing you to take in the music a little easier. This and the near lack of vocals fry register it more in the Prog side of the genre. It reminds me of something that I can't place, other than perhaps Perry Farrell might compose. "Smile All You Like" is an amalgam of the last track compared with the first two. It's not quite as heavy Djent as before and again keys on the musicality of the vocals. Still, this is about as unique as anything I have heard to date in the world of Metal. "Deep Sea Avenue" is heavier and deeper in rhythm and really relies on the strength and tightness of the instrumentation over all else. The chords are purely dissonant and it's nearly impossible to find a melody line.
"Uncontrollable Desires" is jovial but in a dark pleasure sort of way. The song has more of a traditional structure with a chorus that ties together everything well. I think the sound reflects the war one has with themselves regarding the song title. "Callous" features some bright, clean vocal harmonies that wrestle with the heavy Djent dissonance of the instruments. The clash is so strong that you are not sure whether you should smile or go break something. "Face for Lust" is the first real wildcard, opening with soft strings and melody that hits you hard from the start. Pretty soon however it goes dark again, like the sun being suddenly shielded from thunderheads that threaten to wipe it out altogether. "Above the Sky" is the seven minute album closer. The package is still tightly wrapped but they really nail the melody here. Overall this is surely one of the most unique and eclectic Metal albums I have heard in a while. Deep and complex, additional listens provide for further moments of satisfaction.


8 / 10









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"Derangeable" Track-listing:

1. Find Where You Hide
2. Everything is Upon Us
3. Back to the Start
4. Smile All You Like
5. Deep Sea Avenue
6. Uncontrollable Desires
7. Callous
8. Face for Lust
9. Seen it All
10. Untangled Mind
11. Above the Sky

Aliases Lineup:

Joe Rosser – Vocals
Leah – Guitars
Pin – Guitars
Jof Walsh – Drums
Joe Heaton – Bass

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