Alexa? I wasn't even aware of this band, or artist or whatever. But my senses […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
March 28, 2006
Alexa - Alexa album cover

Alexa? I wasn't even aware of this band, or artist or whatever. But my senses proved me right. Old school Glam Metal. Pretty old for most of today's metalheads, ain't it? Anyway, since I love the specific genre of Metal, it will probably be a very pleasant review...
So, Alexa used her producer's, Paul Sabu's, backing band as session musicians. Alexa was a part of the numerous releases of that time along with Lita Ford, Lee Aaron and female fronted bands like Vixen or Heart. The album, which was released in 1989, didn't manage to attract much attention because of the large competition with other artists. The album was very limited. It sold out but was never re-released. MTM Cassix decided to re-release the album, digitally remastered. This album was, until now, a collector's gem, with prices soaring up to $150 and more.
I still can't believe that this voice is coming out of a woman's throat. She reminds me of Eric Martin of Mr. Big. They have exactly the same voice!!! Pretty funny, isn't it? So, the album is a re-release, so we can't accuse it of being outdated and uninspired. It's a 1989 release that was good enough for back then. Melodic, catchy choruses that make the songs easy listening and the lyrics flow into your head. I sometimes caught myself singing the songs. The CD is full of guitar solos, keyboard solos and vocals... We spoke about the vocals before. I sensed some Van Hallen influences, too. Sometimes, the keyboards seem too much. And... Shit! Still can't imagine this chick singing live with this voice! How does she do that???
So, nothing special about this album. Just the old Glam feeling wondering over every composition it contains. Only for fans of the specific genre. Since I'm a fan, I'll be nice and rate it with a...

7 / 10


"Alexa" Track-listing:

I Can' t Shake You
We Don' t Remember Why
Dance The Night Away
Let It Rock
A Cry Away
Cool Wind
Heart To Heart
From Now On

Alexa Lineup:

Alexa - Vocals
Paul Sabu - Guitars
Tommy Rude - Keyboards
Murrill Maglio - Bass
Charles Esposito - Drums

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