Take No Prisoners


ALCATRAZZ is an old-school Hard Rock band with a long history, including some incredible personnel […]
By Kevin Lewis
July 9, 2023
Alcatrazz - Take No Prisoners album cover

ALCATRAZZ is an old-school Hard Rock band with a long history, including some incredible personnel going through the band. There are two versions of the band and this is the Waldo/Shea lineup, fronted by Dougie White. There is a nice, heavy edge to the music here, going for a more aggressive sound that is sure to please some of the fans. Take No Prisoners was released via Silver Lining Music on May 19, 2023. The first song, "Little Viper," shows that ALCATRAZZ is still a guitar-driven band. The good thing is, they have plenty of talent in the other instruments to stand toe to toe with the guitar. The riffs and the lead work/fills set the tone for everything, much like the drums set the tempo. This is how seasoned musicians write and record music, they build on the strengths of each other to create something bigger and better than any of them individually.

Also, it doesn't matter what the subject matter of the lyrics are. "Battlelines" has a heavy, ominous synth sound wrapped around the chugging guitar, fitting that songs "personality" beautifully. Then, "Strangers" comes in softer, more melodic, with a tempered rhythm and muted guitars over solemn keys, again matching the feel of the words. If you like more powerful rhythms and bombastic guitar/keyboard songs, "Alcatrazz" is for you. The drum tempo is fantastic, pacing the song with a nice, solid, even pattern, complimented by the bass/bass drum matching. Competitive guitar/keys solos make this a showcase song, giving every instrument a chance to shine.

"Power In Numbers" has that 80s keyboard flair that seems to have faded into history, so it is really nice to hear that come out of the shadows to make a killer resurgence. These guys know how to have a throwback moment sound absolutely natural. Then they close the album out with "Bring On The Rawk," a scorcher of a guitar track that brings the album full circle, closing it out as it began, with a riff that hooks you hard.

ALCATRAZZ is still writing killer songs, performing at the top of their game. They are all masters of their tradecraft, having dedicated years to practicing and performing, honing their skills until they are a finely tuned and precise. This is definitely one of the best Hard Rock albums you will hear this year

9 / 10

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"Take No Prisoners" Track-listing:

1. Little Viper
2. Don't Get Mad...Get Even (feat. Girlschool)
3. Battlelines
4. Strangers
5. Gates of Destiny
6. Alcatrazz
7. Holy Roller (Love's Temple)
8. Power in Numbers
9. Salute the Colours
10. Bring on the Rawk

Alcatrazz Lineup:

Doogie White - Vocals
Gary Shea - Bass/Backing Vocals
Larry Paterson - Drums
Jimmy Waldo - Keyboards/Synthesizers/Keytar/Piano/Backing Vocals
Joe Stump - Guitar

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