ALASE is a band from Finland. Their music is a melting pot of various metal […]
Alase - Vastaus album cover

ALASE is a band from Finland. Their music is a melting pot of various metal genres but the main focus is in the melody and atmosphere. The lyrics are in Finnish language. ALASE uses different vocalists on each song and they release one song at a time. This idea brings a lot of extra versatility to how the songs can sound like. Actual band members live across Finland and almost everything is done remotely in DIY style. The album contains eight tracks.

"Vastaus" is an odd little opening two-minute number. It takes until almost half way through before taking a definite shape. When it does, it has a pretty and jovial sound, before ending on a chaotic section of a scream with blast beats. "Naekyvae" opens with a heavier and darker sound, with light airy vocals and a distinct melancholic melody line. The harsh vocals do indeed bring another element to the music. "Binary Stars" has an almost Pop sound to it. So far I find this album to deliver the elements it promised to. The melodies are subtle here but take hold of you during the chorus, with some emotional peaks.

"Osa minusa" has some atmospheric elements in the opening...some sweet passages. The vocalist in this track really has a nice, smooth voice. The music waxes and wanes, with some accents along the way. It's really a pretty sound in a depressing sort of way. "Vaienneet" is a short one-and-a-half minute song featuring some charming clean guitar notes and that melancholy atmosphere is still very present. It almost sounds like Post Rock. "Vapakksi merkitty" is much more heavy and aggressive song with harsh vocals out of the gates. The clean vocals temper the sound, almost a yin and yang approach.

"Riisuttu" opens with clean, doleful sounding guitar notes. The rain never ends, and the sky is endlessly grey. It take a darker turn towards the end, with harsh vocals, but that melancholy feeling hangs around. "Haukka" closes the album. It opens with the vastness of the ocean, and with light clean guitars providing that gentle flow that sways you back and forth on calm seas. The lead guitar parts are absolutely soul crushing, as it flows to double bass drumming and a more urgent sound.

Overall, I found the album to be exactly as advertised...mysterious sounds thick with atmosphere and emotional peaks in the right places. Other than that, it's hard to describe the main sound. It was pleasing, but in a dark sort of way. Depressing music can still be quite beautiful, and that is exactly what we have here. I think this will appeal to a wide variety of music lovers.

8 / 10









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"Vastaus" Track-listing:

1. Vastaus
2. Naekyvae
3. Binary Stars
4. Osa minua
5. Vaienneet
6. Vapakksi merkitty
7. Riisuttu
8. Haukka

Alase Lineup:

Janne Lunnas - Guitars
Mikko Häkälä - Guitars
Ari Miettinen - Bass
Markus Majaniemi - Drums

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