AIMA is the Greek work for "blood." They are a Black/Death Metal band based out […]
Aima - Tragos album cover

AIMA is the Greek work for "blood." They are a Black/Death Metal band based out of Athens, Greece. Formed in 2010, they have released a demo, and EP, and a Split. "Tragos" is the band's debut album, and contains eight tracks. With all of the diversity of the genre of Black Metal these days, it's hard to imagine a band sticking to the same formulas from the First Wave of Black Metal, but let's get to the music and find out for ourselves.

"Goatfuck Redemption" is our first clue to their sound. The production is horrible. The music isn't much better. Vocal utterances are guttural and the entire track is washed out, with hardly any structure. "The Occultist" has a slow grind at first, and a more recognizable structure. Then, the chaos ensues. It's hard to find much diversity here. "Poison Communication and the Real Flesh" is similar in sound to the previous tracks. It's like they aren't even trying to distinguish themselves. "Possessed Preacher" opens with some spoken words..."Satan, Satan" he croons. The music however is more of the same. I get that they are going for eternal darkness here but there isn't even a shred of musicality presented.

"Roar of the Animal" is a short two-minute track, opening with a roar from what sound like some sort of rabid wolf. From there to completion, it borders on simply noise. "Carve Ritualistic Pictographs" opens with a bit of structure. A dissonant lead guitar plays eerie notes over a riff that doesn't match at all. From there it is a chaotic mess. I find myself asking, who would enjoy this kind of music? I don't have any answers. "Abomination Shaped Angel" sounds exactly as the previous an extension of it. The drums roll like thunder while the muddied guitar and bass compete with the guttural utterances of the vocals.

"Hands in Blood" closes the album. It's the longest on the album, at just over five minutes in length. An opening riff can be distinguished but it soon turns messy. A screeching guitar solo is absolutely disconnected with the music. There is very little, if anything, here to champion. They sound like amateurs who created the album in their basement. Now, I know this cannot be true because they are signed to a record label. If dissonance and discord is your thing, give it a whirl, but I could not find much greatness to write about.

2 / 10

What the Hell?








"Tragos" Track-listing:

1. Goatfuck Redemption
2. The Occultist
3. Poison Communication and Real Flesh
4. Possessed Preacher
5. Roar of the Animal
6. Carve Ritualistic Pictographs
7. Abomination Shaped Animal
8. Hands in Blood

Aima Lineup:

Kerasphoros - Vocals
Goat Architect - Bass, Guitars
Divine Desecrator - Drums

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