Irkalla Transcendence


Today I have something, which not only shows promise, but also shows an extent of […]
By Michael Coyle
May 4, 2015
Agos - Irkalla Transcendence album cover

Today I have something, which not only shows promise, but also shows an extent of how the modern age of Black Metal has come down to; this band has shown me that the evolution of this sub-genre of the extreme metal scene has grown and how it will continue to grow over the years to come.

To start off, we have the first track off of this EP entitled, "Akkadian Cenotaph". From the start, we get this really slow and very huge kind of opening, which makes this track really stick in your mind from the start. It has a vey fast and yet slow mixture to it, which gives the sound a certain quality when it comes to the structure of how it has been put together, but one of the things that sticks out most from this track is the huge and powerful vocals that are made clear through the power and the creation of this intense piece of music, which happens to perform as a whole and make the listener become part of this sound if that makes any sense, though what I have heard of this, we have a very strong and very huge sound, which is made to stand out for the listener to take in and make a part of them, as I feel that this song is one of the tracks that will make this band stand out for the public to see, as this is something incredible to hear. As well, this is one of the songs that has a certain soul to it, which truly marks its place on the scale of heavy to weak, and this track certainly takes to the strong length of the musical spectrum.

The next track to come up is "Of salt and blood: The Rabisu's Rebellion". From the start of this track, we seem to enter a different pattern; when it comes down to this song, it seems more straight forward and very strong but at the same time, there seems to be more or less a same old, same old vibe to it, almost like a lot of bands that have been appearing out of the woodwork at this recent time, though the drums and guitars are seemingly powerful and very catchy, the vocals could be more ideal for what this song is doing for us, as it feels like everything happening with this song for me, is half and half, but even still there is some hope for this song if it were arranged properly, to be very honest.

From what we have heard so far from this EP, we have been able to hear a mass of combinations and ideas to which have come together as one to form a very interesting, and indeed, an interesting mix for the listener.

The final song on this EP is entitled "Irkalla Transendance". From the start, we have a very rash and powerful mixture of drums and guitars, which are played almost prog like, with both the timing and the structure, to which are also accompanied by the sounds of a faint, but very visible voice, to which make this hold up and leaving us in a sense of a suspense before the vocals kick in to boost the structure and mass of the volume of sound, to which this song has already shown. It seems that with this track, the band have gone into full drive with their ideas, as they force out a process of traditional Death and Black Metal, to which transform in to what the band have presented with this track, it can surely be said that with this being the title track of the EP, the band would want to represent it as something different, yet very intense for the listener.

To conclude; the EP, as it is, is in fact a very strong and indeed a very different piece of music to boot, though there is moments where I feel the band could have done some things better. I feel that The EP still stands strong and shows what it is capable of in the end.<

7 / 10


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"Irkalla Transcendence" Track-listing:

Side A
1. Akkadian Cenotaph
Side B
2. Of Salt and Blood: The Rabisu's Rebellion
3. Irkalla Transcendence

Agos Lineup:

Van Gimot - Conjurations of Resurrection & Sorcery Echoes

Astrous - Meditations & Overseer of Black Magik

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