Oddysey To Reflexion

Against Myself

AGAINST MYSELF is a female fronted Symphonic Metal band from Argamasilla de Alba in Spain. […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
February 13, 2015
Against Myself - Oddysey To Reflexion album cover

AGAINST MYSELF is a female fronted Symphonic Metal band from Argamasilla de Alba in Spain. The band was formed in 2009 and released album "Sky Ashes" in 2011 and "Odyssey To Reflexion" in January 2015.

"Origin" is really calm opener with oriental influences and in "Beyond the Chains" are really nice Heavier guitars and Symphonic keys with great singing of Irene. I hear little similarity to EVANESCENCE in violins and trumpets! Melodic refrain is excellent and also strong Prog nuances with fine keys. Gentle calm ballad "Cross Eternity" has melodic chorus and catchy "God of Deads" with Symphonic elements and Progressive elements and even oriental sounds and mysterious keys sounds brilliant!

I like so much "Through the End of Times" with gentle opener and then stronger kick-ass guitars and melodic Symphonic influences, with the gentle vocals of Irene  driving this powerful track. Also here are obvious influences of NIGHTWISH in Symphonic elements and great guitars! Another highlight of the album is "Firebird's Flight" where a calmer opener shows the beauty of this track and then amazing NIGHTWISH and WITHIN TEMPTATION influences give nice power together with Progressive changes and melodic refrain! In catchy "Glory" are shameless Power Metal riffs, Symphonic Metal piano and Progressive Metal work of rhythmical section!

On album are the two longest tracks: "Critical Situation" lasts almost 10 minutes and characterised by heavier guitars connecting with electronic sounds and Progressive musings and "When Words Kill" lasts over 14 minutes and inside are 5 different movements. In this second track is calmer piano, gentle guitars, ballad atmosphere, high stronger riffs and melody, also Progressive / Power Metal style and stronger riffs with incredible keys, Symphonic elementsand gentle singing with soaring atmosphere!

Album of AGAINST MYSELF has power, energy and melody! Their music is Symphonic Metal with Progressive Metal modern echoes. They show new ideas without monotonous or repetitive patterns.

Every song on "Oddysey To Reflexion" is a surprise!  You never know what you can expect for a while; this album has no schematic or discernible, grand design. They perfectly connect different styles with energy and melody. Surely all fans of Symphonic Progressive Metal who like these mix of genres wouldn't be disappointed with this CD. Sincere recommend to every fan of female fronted bands!

8 / 10


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"Oddysey To Reflexion" Track-listing:

1. Origin
2. Beyond the Chains
3. Through the End of Times
4. Firebird's Flight
5. When Words Kill
    a. Trapped
    b. Born to Fail
    c. Thoughts
    d. Disappear in My Sad End
    e. Achieve Happiness
6. Glory
7. The Crusade
8. God of Deads
9. Cross Eternity
10. Shadows in My Head
11. Critical Situation

Against Myself Lineup:

Irene Villegas - Vocals
Charly Carretón - Guitars
Luismi Heredia - Bass
Agus Moya - Keyboards
Borja Rosado - Drums

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