Dying Alone

Affliction Gate

There have been some insanely weird and cool Death Metal albums in the last few […]
By V.Srikar
January 7, 2016
Affliction Gate - Dying Alone album cover

There have been some insanely weird and cool Death Metal albums in the last few years. The genre seems to have taken off really well, and the huge number of quality bands have really been a treat to the fans of the genre. French old school Death band AFFLICTION GATE releasing their 3rd EP "Dying Alone" in early 2016 on January 5th.

The EP takes off right from the word go with the 1st song "Negative Lucidity" really blasting some really insane Death Metal, mostly old school with shades of Technical and a somewhat chaotic touch. The riffs here are the typical juicy Death Metal riffs. The solos at 2:05 are really amazing and work great along with the Death Metal sound that the lads create. Herostratos really does some interesting and dark Death Metal growling, and as found in "Devising Our Own Chains"; the vocals along with the sharp riffs create a unique vibe, thanks to the rough production done here which in fact works real magic in this record.

That rough production gives the drone and sharp thick juicy sound that can be a treat for any Death Metal fan out there. The blast beats and the bass work really plummets the ears and create one hell of a song. The title track "Dying Alone" has a OBITUARY feel to it and is a great hair lifting song, and is sure to be a great hit with the fans in the band's live shows. It's worth mentioning that Bobby plays some insane solos to elevate the song into a whole different level. The EP finishes off with another fast song in "Manicheism Inertia" which combines all the above goodness and I can't help but feel that this is going to be another great live song.

"Dying Alone" brings into limelight yet another treat for old school Death Metal fans. Although the songs are very similar and are not very distinctive in themselves, they deliver what is expected of them, and blast some insane 17 minutes of powerful Death Metal. Not a bad way to start the year, I tell you!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Dying Alone" Track-listing:

1. Negative Lucidity
2. Devising Our Own Chains
3. Dying Alone
4. Manicheism Inertia

Affliction Gate Lineup:

Herostratos - Vocals
Grief - Rhythm guitar
Bobby - Lead guitar
Nico - Bass
Laurent M. - Drums

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