Tales From This Land


Italy's AEXYLIUM have made a splash on the folk-metal scene in their brief time of […]
By David Crossbowmen
March 6, 2019
Aexylium - Tales From This Land album cover

Italy's AEXYLIUM have made a splash on the folk-metal scene in their brief time of existence. Having released "Tales from this Land" in 2018 via Underground Symphony Records, it is clear that AEXYLIUM have brought the Celtic thunder. Comparisons to other folk-metal bands in the metal community are not without merit, however AEXYLIUM still manage to sound fresh and vigorous.

Let the festivities begin! "Black Flag" immediately lets the listener know what to expect from "Tales from this Land". Herculean Celtic folk metal that is perfect for any occasion. "Into the jaws of Fenir" starts with beautiful folksy soundscapes before getting to brass tacks. Use of violins, keyboards, and bagpipes is common and very much welcome the album. "Aexylium" has more Irish punk tendencies and at times reminiscent of the Dropkick Murphy's. Short, sweet and to the point. "Banshee" is a less folksy number but more akin to melodic death metal. It is because of this change that makes "Tales from this Land" such a treat to listen to. The variety in this album helps keep it fresh. If you want some galloping guitar goodness, then I would suggest listening to "Tales from Nowhere". Clean vocals make all the difference here and send it to the next level.

"The Blind Crow" takes a different approach and veers slightly into power metal territory. Folksy goodness and nonetheless worth your time. You are in for a jolly good time with album closer "Radagast". Easily one of the best on the album and it will make you want to dance around a campfire. Outstanding way to close out the album. To sum up "Tales from this Land", this is an album that is the perfect soundtrack to any occasion. The use of bagpipes, flute, and violin mixed with metal is executed flawlessly. Although I do think this album is for fans of Alestorm, Korpiklaani, and dare I say Dropkick Murphy's, AEXYLIUM have crafted an album that is still accessible to people of all musical backgrounds. "Tales from this Land" makes for a boozy good time, not to be missed!

8 / 10









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"Tales From This Land" Track-listing:

1. Prelude to a Journey
2. Black Flag
3. Into the Jaws of Fenir
4. Aexylium
5. My Favourite Nightmare
6. Banshee
7. Tales From Nowhere
8. Revive the Village
9. The Blind Crow
10. Judas' Revenge
11. Radagast

Aexylium Lineup:

Steven Merani - Vocals
Fabio Buzzago - Lead Guitar
Roberto Cuoghi - Guitar/ Bagpipe/ Banjo
Matteo Morisi - Drums
Gabriele Cacocciola - Bass
Stefano Colombo- Keyboards
Federico Bonoldi - Violin

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