VVD Destination Annihilation


Good day Metal Pilgrims. If you've ever wondered why we love to review albums like […]
By Sebastien "Bass" Parent
October 16, 2015
Aeveron - VVD Destination Annihilation album cover

Good day Metal Pilgrims. If you've ever wondered why we love to review albums like this, here is the reason why: Finding gems like this album right here. The album "VVD Destination Annihilation" from AEVERON is simply incredible. This small independent band, with only about 2000 likes on Facebook, will blow you away with their Swedish Melodic Death sound. These guys deserve to be known.

From the first note of this album, I was taken away. The melody is hypnotizing, and the rugged voice brings a brutality to the sound that gives it life. They remind me a lot of OMNIUM GATHERUM; the anguish in the sound, the emotions. The voice of Thomas is also very similar to the singer of OG.

The album starts in full force with "Never Led Astray". This song has such a catchy melody that mix so well with Thomas's grunt and clear chorus from the other members. Right away we can hear the effort that was put into finding this Swedish Melodic sound.

It moves really well into the next song "Delusion"; it has about the same tempo, the same force. But we feel a bit more emotions in this one. We also hear the keyboard more clearly. As I'm writing this review, I just realised that Marcus, their keyboard player, has quit the band earlier this year. It's a shame because the keyboard in this song is just perfect.

The next song "Mitternacht" starts with a very low volume and bloom into a full speed epic melody. The song slows down from time to time to fill it perfectly with emotion. This is the longest song of the CD, with everything you want in a Melodic Death Metal song: riffs, solos, emotions, and a story to tell. This is truly the most epic song on this album.

"The Plague", "Insanity" and "Cave Hominem" are three songs that are a bit faster overall. Great mid album songs that keep you interested in hearing more. "Shedding no Tears" is more of an interlude to let you breath for a minute and 58 seconds. That's about the time you'll need to get back on your feet.

Now onto the main attraction of this album: "VVD - Destination Annihilation", the song that gave its name to the album. Obviously the melody is amazing throughout this the album as a whole, but this song has a little something more, a little "je ne sais quoi". Alternating between fast and slow pace, the life of this song is almost pulsates in my ears. I had no other choice but to put this song has the Youtube link below.

The last two songs, namely "Last One on Earth" and "A New Dawn", feel like the band is saying good night to us. Let's see you again next time. With a slower pace and some heavier lyrics, even the voice of Thomas seems lower.

AEVERON are really on par with the best of Melodic Death Metal out there. Give them a good listen, you won't be disappointed. For fans of the genre, this is a must have in my humble opinion. This is their 4th full-length album, which makes me wonder why I didn't get to hear them before today. I have some catching up to do now.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"VVD Destination Annihilation" Track-listing:

1. Never Led Astray
2. Delusion
3. Mitternacht
4. The Plague
5. Insanity
6. Shedding no Tears
7. Cave Hominem
8. VVD - Destination Annihilation
9. Last One on Earth
10. A New Dawn

Aeveron Lineup:

Thomas Berthel - Vocals
Dirk Neidhardt - Bass
Jens Lötzsch - Guitar
Paul Morgner - Drums

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