Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss


What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on this […]
February 8, 2016
Aevangelist - Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss album cover

What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on this Black/Death Metal American quintet known as: AEVANGELIST.

Signed via 20 Buck Spin records comes a band that; at first, were an interesting one. But the more I listened; the more indulged in I got. This is a band that fuses Black and Death Metal into one alternate dimension of Metal, and it worked well, to an extent. Beginning with "Arcan? Manifestia" had an unnecessarily long introduction of a long guitar riff; ranging from around 3 minutes long and atmospheric elements, which just felt gruelling, from Matron Thorn; also mixes up the musical variety with bass, drums, harp and the atmosphere of the synthetics. Until the vocals from "Ascaris" kick in, which pummelled, typically gruesome Death and Black Metal cords; the more interesting it got, and the more heavily it got, musically - I enjoyed myself the more I listened. Kinda.

Although, the first few moments made me think... Prog and Technical. But that was probably because of that ridiculously long introduction of the first track "Arcan? Manifestia" and how all over the place the track mostly felt but...it did get better, and the Black and Death Metal we know and love is very much present here. My opinion here is definitely evident in this track. While it sounds heavy as hell; it just sounded messy, but 4 minutes in is where my love for Death and Black Metal come in. Hallelujah, finally some of that trademark, extremity power and the mess finally fades. But is the sound good you may ask?

Eh, it's OK. But the messiness continues to pump out, and I can't "feel" much noteworthy talent but a mass produced amount of mess that's on the same form of Circus Metal. Yes, that's actually a thing. But of course, AEVANGELIST aren't a joke. "Cloister Of The Temple Of Death"; appears to continue this feel I have of the sound... I just can't seem to agree with it. While okay, yes. It does sound atmospherically fine in Death Metal and Black Metal terms, but when I think of Death Metal; I think of DEATH or CANNIBAL CORPSE type of Metal power. It's there, but not so much. Although I can appreciate the atmospheric elements and technical side "Enthralling To The Void Of Bliss" constructs; but for headbanging purposes, nothing of value seems worth noting, yet.

So do I end this review now? Absolutely not. I finally entice myself in some actual headbanging moments! "Gatekeeper's Scroll" includes some fine as extremity AEVANGELIST influence in on the Black Metal side of things. It sounds good but, the sound production is still a bit sloppy, it's definitely got some Progressive influence, this album. Whenever I think of Prog, I think of - "oh, technical instrumentational mess; always fills me with low expectations. "Alchemy" certainly shows this off with the electronic synthesis this track exposes, including still with the atmosphere of extremity...nothing really to note here but that.

All I'm really saying here is, musically, it's not entirely enjoyable to have fun with. Which, is what I excel at for Metal. Especially Death Metal and mostly Black Metal. When the tracks are long; where in this case, almost 10 minutes long of mostly just random scribbles, doesn't make for an enjoyable music experience, at least in my book. However; as I progress further into the cave with - "Levitating Stones", I found myself surprised with more elementary effects but more longevity of repetitive scribbles. Similarly found in "Emanation" which has a fine but extreme riff but still prescribed with the messy atmosphere I'm talking about.

And oh boy, the conclusion is much more frustrating...all I'm really hearing is musical torture. The guitar riffs are good, but not good great. "Meditation Of Transcendental Evil" with what I can only describe as an orgy of some sorts, with how they include a dozen women and you can imagine what I'm trying to say here, see MANOWAR's "Pleasure Slave". For me - 14 minutes of unnecessary noise. Nothing musically compelling to note, but there are still some noteworthy growls, synthesis and riffs, instrumentally though, it just doesn't really interest me. The ending of the album just felt unnecessarily long; as did most of the album.

I don't know, I can tolerate the attempt, it being only a 2-man band, and there are some "now and then" brutal and epic moments, but "Enthralling To The Void Of Bliss", while an album that I can respect. I just can't see people relatively enjoying it. In a few words... All I can really call this is - musical torture with only a few now and then good musical integrity. Nothing worth checking out here if you want my brutally honest opinion. That's all I can really say about the album, unfortunately.

5 / 10


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"Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss" Track-listing:

1. Arcan? Manifestia
2. Cloister Of The Temple Of Death
3. Gatekeeper's Scroll
4. Alchemy
5. Levitating Stones
6. Emanation
7. Meditation Of Transcendental Evil

Aevangelist Lineup:

Matron Thorn - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Harp, Synthetics
Ascaris - Vocals, Saxophone, Piano

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