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Established in 2015, AETHER is an actively performing Polish epic Melodic Death/Folk metal act from […]
Aether - In Embers album cover

Established in 2015, AETHER is an actively performing Polish epic Melodic Death/Folk metal act from Łódź. Releasing the debut EP "Tale of Fire" in September of 2016 provided the band with unexpectedly positive feedback from both critics/magazines and fans. The band has already played more than 40 concerts all over Poland. Today, they present their debut full-length, set to be released June 1, 2019, titled "In Embers." The album contains nine tracks.

"Golden Eyed Fox" opens with some tender piano, before the main riff hits hard. While the melody dances away in the background, the vocals rage. Miluski has really come into his own here as a growler. Guitars trade off with piano in a beautiful but dangerous composition. Charming but intense, it will both hook you with its melodies, and run you over with its punishing sound. The piano interlude after the half way mark with clean vocals constitute some of the Folky elements of their sound, and noted growth since the EP, which was wonderful by the way. They are their own band at this point. "Wildfire Within" has an epic and ominous opening, like the announcing of the dawn. Stalwart and solemn, it stands a mountain among the forest trees. Guitars provide beautiful melodies while the vocals are furious exasperations.

"Elements" was first released on their debut EP. Hearing this song reminds me of why this band is so good. Pretty folky elements open with a cadence that will have you bobbing your head along, and the addition of strings this time strengths the song for sure. It could be used as the opening sequence for the HBO show "Game of Thrones." "Tale of Fire" was also off the debut EP. It picks up the sound of the aforementioned track with beauty and vigor. This updated version contains a more well-rounded sound, with plenty of epic and ominous things going on in the background. The chorus is also grandiose and the Death vocals are fuller. The guitar solo is amazing, and the clean vocals thicken the sound. This an absolutely awe-inspiring song. "Valhalla" is a new track. Those folky elements and background melodies shine bright over top the intense Death vocals. You feel like you are the last warrior on earth, cutting down your enemies as they close in around you with a smile, because you know Valhalla awaits. It ends with a thunderstorm, announcing your impending death, with a little IRON MAIDEN influence.

"Last Battle" was also on the debut EP. It opens with charming and alluring lead guitar parts that actually carry some of the melody here. The drumming is fantastic here as well. A long scream proclaims your last stand. This song is a bit more energetic and has a bite to it. The lead guitar sequence in the bridge with clean female vocals is absolutely beautiful. "Forest" is a new song, opening with a solemn but elegant melody, leading to Death Metal vocals that would wake the dead. The guitars and other instruments provide that epic feeling that you get when all the components come together perfectly. The meter shifts here and there, adding a Progressive element to the song. It ends upright, rising high into the clouds with clarity and purpose.

"Insomnia" will get your toe tapping from the start, with a mid-tempo cadence and a woeful sorrow that you can feel in your bones. I have always said beauty can be found in the darkness, and that is what we have here. At around the half-way mark, guitars dance in a deadly rhythm, while the vocals are layered in both clean and Death styles. It creates a sound that you will carry to your grave. "Dream" closes the album, with alluring piano notes opening, before the main riff hits, lifting you up and carrying you to a secret glen in the forest. Clean female vocals bring another element to the song, losing you inside your head full of warm memories. It gathers steam towards the end, sprinting with a sound so full it's about to burst. The ending piano sequence awakens you from your dream.

I believe these guys were still teenagers when they released their debut EP in 2016, Now, three years later, I'm sure they are as excited to release their debut full-length as you will be to listen to it. "Tale of Fire" reminded me a lot of WINTERSUN. But on their new album, they have found and established their own sound here, confidently. Epic really isn't large enough of a word to describe the album. So many different elements go into their music, and they are crafted expertly, with detail, and meticulous attention to melody. The Folk elements add a completely different element to what are already breathtakingly sweet and bitterly raging vocals. Their musicianship is impeccable, and this album blew me away. It's a contender for album of the year for sure!Listen to the new song "Golden Eyed Fox," and Pre-order the album here:

10 / 10









"In Embers" Track-listing:

1. Golden Eyed Fox
2. Wildfire Within
3. Elements
4. Tale of Fire
5. Valhalla
6. Last Battle
7. Forest
8. Insomnia
9. Dream

Aether Lineup:

Michał Miluśki - Guitars, Vocals
Michał Górski - Bass
Krzysztof Wiedeński - Keyboards
Krzysztof "Groszek" Grochowski - Guitars
Maksym Steć - Drums

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