Disciples Of The Unseen


Also read: AETERNAM - interview with Antoine Guertin AETERNAM is a pretty cliche name for […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
March 22, 2010
Aeternam - Disciples Of The Unseen album cover
Also read: AETERNAM - interview with Antoine Guertin

AETERNAM is a pretty cliche name for a band, but this band's music is surely not! The Canadian Death Metal outfit hit me like lightning out of the blue to prove - for one more - time that when Canada talks Metal... Damn! This country always has something to say!

This quintet is only three years old, but they seem like they have been playing together forever! Their debut album, which is being released through the German label Metal Blade surely sounds tight as fuck! The Canadian death metallers gathered all their influences and crafted this little "abomination" and baptized it "Disciples Of The Unseen". Its mystical and occult title is surely not random, since AETERNAM's music is definitely a piece of exotic brutality.

AETERNAM seems like a molding pot where BEHEMOTH's epic brutality met MELECHESH's Middle Eastern scales and NILE's occult themes. The result is a catchy Death Metal sound with epic passages, heavy as hell guitars and incredibly well worked vocals that give something extra to the outcome. The combination of Loudiy and Lapointe is extremely... extreme, and the melodic vocal lines that have been laid upon this beautiful music are just charming! What actually makes AETERNAM differ from many bands out there is the way they have combined brutal, melodic and symphonic parts in such a way that none of them exceeds any "limits".

"Disciples Of The Unseen" also features a pretty good sound "courtesy" of JeF Fortin who mixed and mastered the album. You've got to check these dudes out!

8 / 10


"Disciples Of The Unseen" Track-listing:
  1. Ars Almadel
  2. Angel Horned
  3. Esoteric Formulae
  4. The Coronation Of Seth
  5. Hamunaptra
  6. Iteru
  7. Goddess Of Masr
  8. Ouroboros
  9. Circle In Flames
  10. Through The Eyes Of Ea
Aeternam Lineup:

Achraf Loudiy - Vocals, Guitar
Alex Loignon - Guitar
Jonas Lapointe - Bass, Vocals
Samuel Dubois - Keyboards
Antoine Guertin - Drums

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