AELIANA is a Metalcore/Djent band from Sparta, Tennessee that was founded in 2011. AELIANA have […]
By Chelsea Jennings
November 4, 2015
Aeliana - Equilibrium album cover

AELIANA is a Metalcore/Djent band from Sparta, Tennessee that was founded in 2011. AELIANA have just released their latest album "Equilibrium" via From The Depths Entertainment.

AELIANA are a fairly typical sounding Heavy Metal band at a first listen, however what they have here in "Equilibrium" is a solid, traditional release. The skull-breaking drums, breakneck guitar riffs, growling/groveling vocals, etc. my by pretty typical in Heavy Metal, but it is tight and well-performed throughout the entire album.

The entire album seems to be a bit of a split about the positive and negative in life, and in the mindset we bring to life. There has to be this "Equilibrium" to what we do in life, and without it nothing will work out. We must realize that there is positive and negative in life, and we must live accordingly. Everything is never "perfect". Everything is never "all terrible". There is good and bad in life, but we must train ourselves to live with that balance in mind!

Tracks throughout the CD like "The Bend", "Alt-146", & "The Break" offer great musical bridges between the rest of the tracks with lyrics in them. The pace of the music varies, but is generally overall heavy and breakneck as Metalcore generally tends to be.

Tracks like "To Great Heights" bring a positive message of fighting for what we want, and fighting to get to be the best we can be. Other tracks like "Lay It Down" remind us to lay down what we cannot fix and change to let it be. Only focus on what is worth fighting for. Pick our battles, and fight them hard. "Distress" and "Deviate" are from the darker side of reality. Things go wrong, and things happen that we do not like, but that is also part of life. We have to live with it, and figure out how to find the best in life despite things going wrong sometimes.

If we live life in "Equilibrium" we are able to make the most of everything (good or bad) that comes our way. We are able to enjoy life, and we are able to keep ourselves going even at the best/worst of times! It's a great message behind a solid Heavy Metal release from AELIANA!

8 / 10


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"Equilibrium" Track-listing:

1. The Bend
2. To Great Heights
3. Distress
4. Lay It Down
5. Alt-146
6. Deviate
7. Balance
8. Entity
9. The Break

Aeliana Lineup:

D.R. Haston - Vocals & Guitars
Tyler LaFever - Bass
Josh Qualls - Drums

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