Kali Yugo Crown

Advent Sorrow

Maybe you haven't heard about Brisbane Black Metal band ADVENT SORROW, but their reputation has […]
By Martin Knap
September 9, 2019
Advent Sorrow - Kali Yugo Crown album cover

Maybe you haven't heard about Brisbane Black Metal band ADVENT SORROW, but their reputation has grown considerably since the release of their debut to the point where I'm tempted to sensationalize them as the next big thing in Black Metal. We don't need to over-hype things here, but if you'd ask me what are some up and coming Black Metal bands I'd name these guys with a couple of other bands form Iceland maybe. They had a successful festival run this summer playing at top-notch European festivals and although they haven't signed a contract with a bigger label yet I think that's just a matter of time. I haven't listened to their debut, so I won't comment on it, I only know that the band had a more Symphonic sound in the beginning and shifted to the so called Depressive-Suicidal style. What I will say is that between their debut and the release of "Kali Yugo Crown," they've found the winning formula: the music is melancholic and emotional, but also has a raw intensity and harshness that prevent it from being soft. The songs build on a solid basis of driving riffs on which edifices of lead melodies, layered instrumentations and often ethereal harmonies are built. The result is emotional and cathartic but doesn't lack rawness and intensity that is expected form Black Metal.

Depressive-Suicidal Black Metal is often associated with one-man bedroom projects, with DIY recording that mostly don't excel when it comes to riffs, songwriting or execution. But this is certainly not the case with ADVENT SORROW, who started with Symphonic Black Metal - a style that demands a more technical approach. The effort has, I would say, paid off on the second album: not just are the riffs and overall execution great, but these songs can have pretty intricate arrangements. This attention to detail reminded me of bands like DARK FORTRESS and so I wasn't surprised that the song "Majesty Enshrined" features the vocalist of the latter band (you can hear him deliver lines in German at the beginning of the song). The album could be considered long (for Black Metal) with ten medium-length songs, all of which are pretty memorable. I will highlight the title song, which came out earlier as a single. The song has great, driving verse and chorus riffs and builds up to a grand climax - it is truly an emotional roller coaster. "Wells of Poison Water" is a mid-tempo sorrowful song that has tender and harsh parts, on the whole it's very emotional and impactful. "Wolfhook and Weapon" is a melodic, quirky song with riffs that have the drive and melancholy of Russian folk music, "Caesar" is an atmospheric song with the kind of dark, ritualistic vibes of bands like MEPHORASH.

I was a bit skeptical when I got this record - I wasn't sure if this isn't some kind of novelty "blackened" Goth band, but after some time listening to it I'm totally sold. The music is accessible, it has great hooks and melodies and intricate arrangements, but not in any way tacky or cliché. On the contrary: it is impactful and emotional not in small part also because the raw energy of the performances, particularly the vocal performance is outstanding. This band just writes great songs and has no need to make compromises to make them more appealing. The sound of the album is crisp, but it's not overproduced, the instruments have the right amount of punch that this style of music demands. I think this album will be appreciated both by "true" Black Metal fans and Metal fans generally.


9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Kali Yugo Crown" Track-listing:

1. Verminblood
2. Wolf & Weapon
3. Spearhead
4. Kali Yuga Crown
5. Pestilence Shall Come
6. Caesar
7. Wells of Poison Water
8. Majesty Enshrined
9. With Conviction
10. Death in Magic Antagonism

Advent Sorrow Lineup:

Rhys King - Bass, Vocals
Martin Donnelly - Drums
Tom Langridge - Keyboards, Piano
Jordan King - Bass
André Segovia - Guitars
M.K. - Guitars

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