New Blood Old Chapter


Whenever I come across a German band already it has me in mind something soon […]
By Camila Guimarães de Almeida
November 17, 2015
Adligate - New Blood Old Chapter album cover

Whenever I come across a German band already it has me in mind something soon turned to something more melodic, as HELLOWEEN, EDGUY, and something more in this style. When I start listening to the CD a pleasant surprise awaits me, something different and innovative for the German scene a metal with a more current footprint that many, as the band is called Groove Metal.

Listening to the sound of these guys without shaking or decorate the chorus of a song is practically impossible, something like FOO FIGHTERS or even ALICE IN CHAINS is what brings these guys in evidence in the new local metal scene or even worldwide. Because it is a relatively new band with a demo released in 2009 and this being his first work "full" I say who started it all and showing the truth to which they came.

Mr. Dome shows all its power in torn vocals mixing with lines of milder tones and bringing an interesting footprint for the band, the band knew merge very well the work between the "shake to the max" and at the same time bring something that was more "quiet" so to speak ... with "A.D.H.S." And also especially  in "Mother Of Lies", "A.D.H.S.", and "Sweet Revenge".

If you expect some line of heavy metal nostalgic and bring back the likes of BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, or even IRON MAIDEN keep out of this band. But if you enjoy the new and experimental than the rich metal scene has to present us this is really a full plate. It is worth checking!

And I say more, if there is the possibility of a show on Brazilian soil I will be among the first to confirm attendance, it is impossible not support a band that shows such jurisdiction with regard to what can be a great worldwide success ... If there were more promises as the "Adligate" the scene metal appreciate...

10 / 10


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"New Blood Old Chapter" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Mountain
3. Sweet Revenge
4. Mother Of Lies
5.  Pussyeater
6. Kill The Moon
7. A.D.H.S.
8. Big Balls

Adligate Lineup:

Dome - Vocals
Michael Kusch - Guitars
Nils Klockmann - Guitars
Kayuri Niwa - Bass
Susanne Kusch - Drums

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