Kick Em Hard (Reissue)


Another stonking release via Divebomb Records... This time in the shape of a 2 CD […]
By Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan
April 8, 2014
Addictive - Kick Em Hard (Reissue) album cover

Another stonking release via Divebomb Records... This time in the shape of a 2 CD set with tonnes of extras from Australia's own ADDICTIVE. This is a re- release of what was the bands finest moments produced by Bod Daisley of OZZY OSBOURNE and RAINBOW, "Kick Em Hard" along with the second CD, their debut album "Pity Of Man". It had all had some new mastering by Jamie King and promises to be a real delivery of cool classic Thrash.

The list of sound-alikes from the press statement is impressive of course... METALLICA, MORTAL SIN (both guitarists actually being ex-MORTAL SIN) SODOM, MEGADETH, KREATOR, TESTAMENT among the many. Now of course they will all be there as an influence and I am sure you will hear others in there also, but you know, who gives a fuck, who you think they 'also' sound like, that's a promotional prompt as you are well aware and there for guidance, the reality is, if you like your Thrash, do they do a good job, do you like what they do, ? Well, you will because ADDICTIVE deliver in exactly the way you would want them to. So 2 CD's and so many tracks, you'd be dead by the time I finished my usual song by song play (I do like that though) so I will give you the highlights of these 2 great albums.

So, "Kick Em Hard" no not "Kill Em All" I said, well it is just a classic, all of the bands mentioned and more are here but ADDICTIVE whilst drawing from that style that influenced them did what a tonne of 'other' Thrash bands could not, they made did it their way and it stands out as individual, example? Maybe the 2 guitarists being ex-MORTAL SIN helped there, for every TESTAMENT, who are nothing like KREATOR. There are 50, TESTAMENT like acts and on and on. ADDICTIVE were not just followers, they were superb and only their lateness and the turn of the page by the industry keep them out of it on a worldwide scale. This album kicked then and still kicks now, classic and I fucking love it, added bonus, are demo tracks. "Look Before You leap", "Sniper"  and a cover of "Crazy Train", that I didn't like but who cares it's here because it's a  bonus and was a single in 2010 and  you might like it. They didn't do a bad job, I just didn't get why they needed a=or even wanted to. All in all top grade Thrash across the board.

Now disc 2, or 1 if you decide that's what you want and you overwrite with your sharpie. You fucking crazy bastard you. 5 bonus demo tracks here, including the demo of the title track "Pity Of Man", now I said I would outline highlights but you know after spending a whole evening listening and re-listening to these albums. I can honestly say there is a single definitive moment. They are both great albums. "Kick Em Hard" is pure brilliance and classic. and if you have not heard it before or even did but forgot then get this is worth every penny and you will not be let down, from the moment you push start on "Distember", humming while you switch discs, to the moment the tones of "Come before the Storm" bring the whole thing to a conclusion, you will be lost in a superb world of Thrash at its best. Glorious, precise, sharp, addictive (see what I did there?!)  Thrash.

10 / 10


"Kick Em Hard (Reissue)" Track-listing:

CD 1
"Kick 'Em Hard"
1. Distemper
2. Waiting For
3. Kick 'Em Hard
4. You're Perfect
5. Towards Extinction
6. Wacked
7. You Never Know
8. Man Made Act Of God
9. Serves You Right
10. Bitch
11. Crazy Train
12. Sniper (Demo)
13. Look Before You Leap (Demo)

CD 2
"Pity of Man"
1. Get Out Of My Life
2. Come Before The Storm
3. Boiling Point
4. Sonder Kommando
5. The Forge
6. What Ward RU In?
7. Echoes of the Mind
8. Addictive Friend
9. My Foe
10. Pity Of Man

"Ward 74"
11. Addictive Friend
12. Sonder Commando
13. What Ward Are You In?
14. Pity Of Man
15. Come Before The Storm

Addictive Lineup:

Joe Buttigieg - Guitar
Mike Sultana - Guitar
Steve Moore - Drums
Greg Smith - Bass / Vocals

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