Heavy Thoughts


There is no other way to put this other than a behind the lines offensive […]
April 7, 2015
Adamas - Heavy Thoughts album cover

There is no other way to put this other than a behind the lines offensive upon lack of morality, call it an obscure judgement that that has an onward religious reasoning to back it up. There are these matters of perspective that are so deep that only after a hard knee deep perching in the dirt one might comprehend their true insight. Well, at least the music was less of a challenge than the lesson. I am trying to approach the sophomore release by the Italian ADAMAS, named "Heavy Thoughts", via SG Records, in a measure of caution. As much as early 90's influenced Thrash Metal maybe more into the fist fighting, breaking moshpit material, these guys blended a bit for the sake of obscurity. Not always an easy listener, "Heavy Thoughts" is a chapter of what might be referred to as heavy thinking or strong contemplations. Possibly the means to leave you dazed, and a little confused altogether. Maybe that was the message all along?

Generally, within the album there is a rather impressive development to Thrash Metal, with various similarities to early 90's MEGADETH's "Countdown To Extinction", a few technically acclaimed qualities of ANNIHILATOR of the same period and I might just also mention early ENERTIA records as the 90's driven vibe zoned in. Following my former intro, the crew of ADAMAS appeared to take their music forward, still tending the heaviness with straightforward direction of riffery, exemplifying traditional to almost mini alternative style riffs while producing a fine line of solos to throw more wood into the fire. To further spice things up, there are a few diverse rhythm section performances of high end bass notes and cool drumming. Vocally, it was more of a storytelling mixed with a direct melody less type of singing, raspy tones and the works, feeling of anger with a smell of depression. Hard to connect with but it actually suited the material.

Setting my overall impression of the skills aside, I think that the true ticker was the actual songwriting, along with the song arrangements bestowed. However, that element was somewhat the album's downfall as much as it interested. I didn't expect a marketable hitting machine out of ADAMAS, as their direction of music has a knack for a genuine expression and protest, dwelling on the inner serious matters of the human condition and faith. Therefore, as nicely constructive and multifarious as the material is, at times it feels numb, brick stone cold emotionless or mainly tiring. The first three tracks: "Heavy Thoughts", "E.T.N.A" and "The Reaper" may provide a suitable idea of what I was talking about. On the first track, "Heavy Thoughts", even with the guest performance of ex-IRON MAIDEN Blaze Bayley, ADAMAS didn't quite deliver. Apparently forming a troubled mind with both vocalist taking each side in a self argument, yet my expectations were premature. "E.T.N.A" merely lost me and "The Reaper" showed a few signs of the road ahead where the album began to be more interesting. Thankfully for the heavy crackers "Pit My Skin" and "Chains of Time" along with the collaboration of the promising "In Bond-Age" and "Wipe-Out", things turned in positive. ADAMAS showed great prowess at creating assorted, yet obscure, tracks with conviction. "Pit My Skin" came as my favorite hard on modern Thrash Metal song.

"Heavy Thoughts" might raise a few pointers for discussion regarding its lyrical themes. The songs themselves are quite fine, though as I have said before, it can be a weary ride. Something neat this way comes and I would want to listen to more in the future.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Heavy Thoughts" Track-listing:

1. Heavy Thoughts
2. E.T.N.A.
3. The Reaper
4. In Bond-Age
5. Morphine
6. Chains of Time
7. Wipe-Out
8. Pit My Skin
9. Dare Your Hate

Adamas Lineup:

Luigi Castellani - Vocals
Federico Fondacci - Guitar
Alessandro Manini - Bass
Eugenio Castellani - Drums

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