Abstract Senses

Ad Vitam Aeternam

There are a few genres in Metal that attract more listeners than a few others […]
By Katerina Kladisiou
September 15, 2005
Ad Vitam Aeternam - Abstract Senses album cover

There are a few genres in Metal that attract more listeners than a few others that are a bit more underground or - better said - less popular. In general Gothic Metal is a category that lists many listeners also coming from other musical styles. Ad Vitam Aeternam is a Gothic influenced Metal band and Abstract Senses is their debut album.
The French six-member team has existed as a band since 1999 when Jean Suire and Cathy Bontant formed the band. Their debut was recorded from September 2003 until January 2004 and was self produced. After they signed with New Aeon Media, Abstract Senses saw the light of day.
Ad Vitam Aeternam deliver well-played gothic/dark Metal. Without being really original or offering something new, they are good musicians who have created an above the average melodic, melancholic keyboard based, emotional music. The pattern the band is following, as far as vocals are concerned, is the female soprano, angelic vocals in contrast to the male death growls and while the voice of Céline de Kerliviou is one of the best points of the album, on the contrary the male vocals sometimes lack of power and depth. The music has typical gothic, piano oriented passages as well as more metallic, guitar solo parts. In a few words Ad Vitam Aeternam play atmospheric Metal in the way the founders of the genre used to play in the past, without meaning that it's a rip off.
Any of you who enjoy dark, melodic Metal with female vocals should include Ad Vitam Aeternam to your list and I think that their next effort will please you even more...

7 / 10


"Abstract Senses" Track-listing:

Picture Of Dorian Gray
Phoney Icons
In The Throes Of Apocalypse
Les Meandres De L'Ame
Abstract Senses
The Grievous Musician

Ad Vitam Aeternam Lineup:

Céline de Kerliviou - Soprano Vocals
Fabien Longeot - Vocals & Guitar
Jean Suire - Rhythm Guitar
Aurélien Guyot d'Amfreville - Bass
Cathy Bontant - Keyboards
Nicolas Joyeux - Drums

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