Indecent Exposure - DEMO

Acid Baby

Ha! I know these guys! Yeah, they've also sent me their previous Demo and I […]
By Michael Dalakos
September 20, 2005
Acid Baby - Indecent Exposure - DEMO album cover

Ha! I know these guys! Yeah, they've also sent me their previous Demo and I really liked it. The front cover of Indecent Exposure makes you think this is a case of these goofy bands appearing often here and there (at least here in Greece) but do not be fooled: Acid baby kick Rock ass (yeah baby!).
Formed back in 2001 only to release their debut demo in 2003 called Greatest Shit (again not to be mistaken - that Demo also kicked ass). The band took part in a couple of compilations, plus their first Demo sold really well (considering the average Demo standards). Now with the same lineup they're releasing their second Demo attempt.
Indecent Exposure walks pretty much the same path their previous work did. A mixture of 60's / 70's Hard Rock but also with references to the modern Rock trends. Led by the very good voice of George Lancet this 4-track Demo shows a band with the will for vast musical exploration. While the two first tracks are typical (but very good) old school Rock, the third one (and personal favorite) Spacedance is a really groovy atmospheric song while the last one, Cross, is definitely the most extensive attempt of the band to attract listeners of modern Rock. All these things are nicely glued together by a great production.
In the end I must give a thumbs up for the well designed artwork (Ok, not just the front cover but the overall package) that proves once again that this band takes its music dead serious (as they should do). Hope to hear from them a full length release soon.

"Indecent Exposure - DEMO" Track-listing:

Sheddin' The Skin
Keerie L. Lation

Acid Baby Lineup:

George Lancet - Vocals
Rusty Nail - Guitars
Mampre Kasardjian - Bass
Angelo Balioussi - Drums

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