Their reappearance began slowly and lasted until their official new machine. After less than ten […]
July 7, 2010
Accu§er - Agitation album cover

Their reappearance began slowly and lasted until their official new machine. After less than ten years, the veteran groovier Thrash group, ACCU§ER, awoke from their slumber. As ACCU§ER took their stage on the new decade, they unleashed some memorable moments from the past.

However I can't say that their new release is something similar to their older memoires as "Double Talk" or "The Conviction", yet, it is rather similar to their new age heavier groove stage of "Repent", "Reflections" and their last record till their newly born rise, "Taken By The Throat". That era of ACCU§ER made them rather more American (more like MACHINE HEAD, yet a lot more thrashier) than an ordinary German Thrash. Somehow, after I hearing those albums, I presumed that the band accepted the fate of what came over Thrash in those years. However, how knew really?

After they decided to dismantle their formed Thrash band, SCARTRIBE, the gang came back as ACCU§ER. After the re-emerging nightmare seemed to be happening (and a few demos with it), "Agitation" was born as the new war cry. Although this album is a sole continuance of the band's last album, "Taken By The Throat", ACCU§ER tried, with being tough and all, to be rather more creative while not just wishing to smash everything as they did in their classic youth. That is why "Agitation" shows a bit more maturity and ingenuity.The presented riffages are heavy, chunky and groovy as hell. Nevertheless, there are those fine additions of melodic verses enhanced by well-played harmonies of pure Heavy Metal. As for their themes, it is the same compact altogether. Anti everything always suited this band no matter which musical turn they took on their way.

From the softy sleek of the self-titled "Agitation", through the new melodious nature of "Century Of The Fall" and "King Of South", under the heavy, crude grooves, new age titles of "Prophecies", "Criminal Solution" and "Chaincrusher", this is the new assorted face of ACCU§ER. Those tracks, besides being impressive, may have shared attributes; yet, they maintain a rather nice image to look at. I have the feeling the ACCU§ER will land even something greater upon our little heads when the time is right.

Through their reborn mind, ACCU§ER again showed the ugliness of the up to date society, which we are living in. Although being constantly pessimistic will get you nowhere, the truth of several things still matters. Sometimes we need someone to make our heads turn. ACCU§ERS, in their own groovy way, do it rather well.

"Agitation" is a good comeback release by this old band from 1986. It is still not their best of works to date, yet, they have super huge prospective as these guys have the means to turn this tide to their advantage.

8 / 10


"Agitation" Track-listing:
  1. No Feats
  2. Chaincrusher
  3. Century Of The Fall
  4. King Of South
  5. Agitation
  6. Prophecies
  7. The Eye Of The truth
  8. Strength For All
  9. Criminal Solution
Accu§er Lineup:

Frank Thoms - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

René Schütz - Lead Guitar
Frank Kimpel - Bass
Olli Fechner - Drums

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