Dominion Of The Wicked


ABYTHIC hailing from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany were formed in 2015. Formed by drummer MDB, the […]
February 17, 2021
Abythic - Dominion Of The Wicked album cover

ABYTHIC hailing from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany were formed in 2015. Formed by drummer MDB, the band play Death Metal with some Doom Metal elements. So far, they released one EP and two full-length albums prior to the current release. "Dominion Of The Wicked" was released via German label Iron Bonehead Productions which is specialized in Death, Thrash, Doom Metal. There is no video release from the new album yet. It has a length of almost 35 minutes.

While the first two albums of ABYTHIC were predominantly traditional Death Metal albums in mid-tempo with a bit of darkness added, this third full-length album represents a shift in direction towards a slower, darker, and more atmospheric Death Metal with Black Metal and Doom Metal inspirations. "Dominion Of The Wicked" includes four songs in 35 minutes, but all songs are connected and might be rather seen as part one to part four. This is a very interesting thing, since is makes the album to some kind of orchestral approach. Having this in mind, it probably does not matter at all that the opener (or part one) covers almost half of the album with a length of about 15 minutes.

It takes a while for "At The Threshold Of Obscurity" to come to life, it has a slow and sluggish start including spoken words and chorales. The guitar riffs are powerful and dark as well as the low guttural vocals that start after three minutes. It occasionally reminded me on some of the TRIPTYKON material. The sound overall is very doom-laden and atmospheric. The first lead guitar solo fits perfectly into that darkness. There are hardly any changes in tempo, if at all, it goes from slow/mid-tempo to slow. There are a couple of breaks leading to short blast-beat sections before the lead guitar starts dominating part one with a few underlying double-bass thunderstorms. The lead guitar section starts after 10 minutes and slowly transitions into part two.

Fans who dig into it, will not notice which song they listen to. The darkness continues with "The Call" which also needs about three minutes to get going, this time with some epic lead guitars and a gloomy and dark rhythm section including chorale-like vocals. Some of the lead guitar sequences are pretty catchy despite all their darkness. "The Call" is a very intense song especially towards the transition to part three. The lead guitar is accompanied by short double-bass sections while it goes into part three. "Endless Tides" continues with the catchiness of the leads before it transitions into a slower and doom-dominated part. The middle part of "Endless Tides" is a bit of a fight between the atmospheric doomy sequences and a mid-tempo and more aggressive guitar riffing part. The bass lines in part three are excellent throughout. While I am still writing my thoughts on part three, part four is already going on. "Augury Of The Doomed" is maybe the darkest and most atmospheric part, with long instrumental sequences, only very few growling vocals and occasional screams as well as including chorales and German spoken passages (TRIPTYKON comes to my mind again). The song is kept in slow tempo throughout which gives part four an extra dark layer. "Augury Of The Doomed" is a perfect way to finish this album.

ABYTHIC deliver an album that may sound different from previous releases but it is still an ABYTHIC album. It is a very dark mix of Death Metal, Doom Metal, and Black Metal with a strong atmospheric component. The interconnection of the four songs gives the album something special and it proves the excellent song writing. "Dominion Of The Wicked" has something epic. It is a very unique, mature, and authentic album which is very well produced. With "Dominion Of The Wicked", ABYTHIC go the next step and progress as a band. "Dominion Of The Wicked" belongs into the collection of every Death/Doom Metal fan and beyond.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Dominion Of The Wicked" Track-listing:

1. At The Threshold Of Obscurity
2. The Call
3. Endless Tides
4. Augury Of The Doomed

Abythic Lineup:

Ulrich Kreienbrink - Vocals
MDB - Guitars, Bass
Tim Schlichting - Drums

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