High the Memory


As time flies, so does the echo of murmuring steps of death with its triumph […]
February 25, 2019
Abyssic - High the Memory album cover

As time flies, so does the echo of murmuring steps of death with its triumph over all. This concept alone can freeze any mortal's heart.  Mostly, it takes a very special kind of man not only to come to terms with this fact, but to embrace it. Those able to acknowledge this certainty and process and be capable of surrendering everything, just as countless peoples have done unwillingly , to the power of death.

With an orchestral introduction capable of announce the entrance of the grim reaper himself, ABBYSIC seem to be well past this point with the release of High The Memory. Its a five track release consisting of songs that showcase this  bleak display. Using musical talent, ABBYSIC have taken upon themselves to transmit the unforgettable realization that some point, nothing will remain; that a day will come when everything will cease to exist. Nothing but accolades and commendations can be found when searching the world wide web for this Norwegian band. Their two previous albums, along with this current release, highlight their unique method of expression. Combining this with the talent and musicianship needed, they've done the unspeakable. They utilized five substantial tracks to communicate their intentions completely.  That's it, just five tracks. No more were needed. That speaks volumes.

"High The Memory" is an epic release combining elements of Orchestral Doom and Death metal through five tracks of unrelentless violence and misantrophy.  As a highlight, this can be truly be appreciated on the second track, named after the album. These songs serve as an example of resilience not only for the band, but for fans and followers alike all over our world.

9 / 10

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"High the Memory" Track-listing:

1. Adornation
2. High the Memory
3. Transition Consent
4. Where my Pain Lies
5. Dreams become Flesh

Abyssic Lineup:

 Memnock - Vocals and Contrabass
Elvorn - Guitars
Andre Aaslie - Keys and Orchestrations
Tjovald - Drums
Makhashanah - Bass and additional vocals

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