Magna Sapientia Quaerere (To the Depths of Thy Soul)

Abstract the Light

From their Facebook page, ABSTRACT THE LIGHT is "emerging and mutating, taking form and shedding […]
January 14, 2021
Abstract the Light - Magna Sapientia Quaerere (To the Depths of Thy Soul) album cover

From their Facebook page, ABSTRACT THE LIGHT is "emerging and mutating, taking form and shedding skin, akin to rebirth, ABSTRACT THE LIGHT is a musical entity and vision forged over time and founded with the goal and intent purpose to create eclectic and eccentric Avant-Garde Black Metal... Birthed and inspired by all or nothing that has come before or will be again, ABSTRACT THE LIGHT will rise from the murky cesspit and primordial undercurrent to deliver their debut live performance at Black Conjuration V. This is their debut full-length, and contains seven tracks.

"H.U.U.T.E.R." leads off the album. It's over eleven minutes in length. It begins with a heavy charge of a Black Metal riff, complete with raging vocal screams. The riff is slow moving and almost Thrashy, allowing the evil to soak in. An ambient passage comes around the half-way mark, complete with clean guitars and vocals, and audible bass notes. It finishes on a strong note. "Spinning Plates in the Tapestry of Existence" begins with another slow moving riff that picks up in pace when the harsh vocals come in. A brief pause leads to some lead guitar notes that are fast picked. Suddenly, a slow and clean vocal passage appears, heavy with dread, and it finishes on this note.

"Waters of Fire" opens with ominous tones that develop slowly...with vocal "ahhs" deep in the background. Some doleful clean guitars then come in...furthering that feeling of despondence. The clean guitars then spring to life with a purpose, and distorted guitars take over. Whispered clean vocals far the album has a good deal of diversity to offer the listener. After the half-way mark, the riff changes and the song take a sinister turn, finishing with some lead guitar notes. "Broken Chards, of Inner Self" is another lengthy song, opening with some bass notes and clean guitars, and a slow, Doomy feeling. Suddenly, a distorted riff takes over in attack mode. Around the half-way mark, the vocals take a dark turn, with lead guitar notes. The harrowing sound is now on full display.

"Primeval Existence of Nothingness" begins with an evil sounding riff that punishes you with power. Clean vocals mix in with the harsh vocals, and if the song's intent is to take over the world, they have accomplished that. The song exudes might. "Smouldering Black, Thy Heart" opens with attacking guitars and deep, heavy vocals. It stays on the offence throughout the song, with the attack in full bore mode. "Carousels of Eternity" closes the album, and it's a 16-minute opus. The song is dark and full of moody elements. A spooky piano passage occupies a portion of the mid-section of the song. The ending six minutes is just some eerie noise.

Overall, I really enjoyed the album. The songs were all pretty long, but that gave room for their expansive sound to really develop. I love the surprises you can hear in the Black Metal genre these days. Expect anything. Here, they leave the traditions of the past in the past, and forge ahead with their own unique energy, and various vocal approaches. Some of the songs are downright bossy. The ambient passages provide just enough cover from the heaviness of the album as well. I think any fans of Extreme music will find something to their liking here.

8 / 10









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"Magna Sapientia Quaerere (To the Depths of Thy Soul)" Track-listing:

1. H.U.N.T.E.R.
2. Spinning Plates in the Tapestry of Existence
3. Waters of Fire
4. Broken Chards, of Inner Self
5. Primeval Existence of Nothingness
6. Smouldering Black, Thy Heart
7. Carousels of Eternity

Abstract the Light Lineup:


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