ABSALOM is a five-piece band based out of the UK. Their sound can best be […]
April 10, 2019
Absalom - Absalom album cover

ABSALOM is a five-piece band based out of the UK. Their sound can best be described as Metalcore. Their story is one of strife and endurance. The band was born out of a solo project, initiated by guitarist and songwriter Stephen Brown, in an effort to overcome his struggles with depression and disillusionment from the world. In setting out to realize his vision, he encountered four like-minded musicians and the solo project evolved into a full band line-up. Each band member has had his own personal demons to face but has also found catharsis through the building of ABSALOM. The project was set up as a holistic initiative through which the band not only release their art, but share the vital lessons they have learned along the way. The EP "Absalom" contains five tracks.

"Dusk" leads off the album...a fine opening instrumental. Electronica swells subtly in the background, and you have the sense that something is breathing down your neck in the dark. Clean guitars join the fold and usher in some pretty melodies, before the main riff slams in, heavy and powerful.  "Solstice" is the first track with vocals. They are angry utterances, while the guitars dance in and around, creating a heavy rhythm of technicality. A skillful guitar solo follows with more Djent accents, and then a clean vocal passage filled with ambiance settles in. It's both pretty and emotional, then the heavy and aggressive sound returns through the end.

"Eclipse" open with a fairly distinguished guitar riff chugging away, while the bass and drums join in unison. Clean vocals join with harsh vocals and trade off in the chorus. A guitar solo is added to the mix of chaotic guitars with a sense of the Progressive, in terms of the meter. "Dawn" opens with eerie, cloudy themes and the single striking of guitar notes with tenuous cymbals lurking in the background. The entire song sound like it could be the audible emissions from a distant star. The atmosphere created here is amazing. It never lets out sharply, just stays ethereal. It segues into the final track, "Zenith." The sound begins to pick up a bit and that uneasy feeling returns again. But quick as lightening, clean vocals wash over the harsh opening riff with a warm and cleansing feeling. The harsh vocals compliment the sound here but do not take over. Ambient moments mark what is an outstanding composition overall.

I had to listen to the album several times in order to make my summation here. It's a very promising effort with a lot to offer Metal fans. For a first effort, the cathartic elements can easily be picked up on, but they create a wonderful layer of both mystery and melody as well. They already seemed to have been able to make those tough connections that keep a song moving forward in a linear fashion, while working on those technical elements without missing a beat. It shows great musicianship and depth of character. This was a fantastic album!Purchase Link:


8 / 10









"Absalom" Track-listing:

1. Dusk
2. Solstice
3. Eclipse
4. Dawn
5. Zenith

Absalom Lineup:

Adam Ost - Vocals
Stephen Brown - Guitar
James Phillips - Guitar
Alex Papaioannou - Bass
Ollie Holgate - Drums

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