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When I mentioned to my editors that I actually really love Industrial metal they were […]
By Metal Wim
July 4, 2022
Above & Below - Suffer Decay Alone album cover

When I mentioned to my editors that I actually really love Industrial metal they were very kind to send me an album they thought would fit those criteria. I feel that they decided they had to test me, so they sent me the ABOVE & BELOW promotional material. And whereas it definitely is Industrial, the question is whether it does classify as Metal. This doesn't have much in common with the likes of RAMMSTEIN, MINISTRY or OOMPH!. This has more connections with FOETUS, FRONT 242, PEACE LOVE & PITBULLS and even some NINE INCH NAILS, when you have a good listen.

And listen you will, because as soon as you unleash "Suffer Decay Alone" on your ears, you are impressed by the desolation that is emerging from your headphones. The desperation is more than palpable, it is so strong that you almost can taste it. ABOVE & BELOW have succeeded in making sure that you have to be impressed, as they have managed to make all the songs interact with each other. They are linked by recurring themes, repetition of rhythms and the constant simplicity of the music as well as the lyrics. The funny thing about all this is that it works like a treat. You just have to keep on listening by putting your player on repeat.

"Suffer Decay Alone" is a very apt title, as this project by PLAGUWIELDER's Bryce Seditz is absolutely mesmerising. As they have refrained from doing anything difficult or different, and have resorted to just be effective and efficient, they have created a monster that will do anything but enhance your happiness. And you WILL suffer this decay alone, as this is not the kind of music you easily share with your partner, parents or even kids. You don't want them to feel the despair that ABOVE & BELOW  are demonstrating here.

So, even if the distorted guitars are only tangible once in a while, this is as heavy as a band can get. It's just not Metal, or even Rock. It's Industrial as this music genre was supposed to be. Desolate, estranged and very much for a different kind of musical species. "Suffer Decay Alone" might not be to everyone's taste, but if you like you Industrial I will duly recommend you give this a listen. Just make sure that your mental state is such that you can stand what it brings. I just realise that I have withstood this test. Thankfully.

8 / 10









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"Suffer Decay Alone" Track-listing:

1. Ghosts
2. Rust
3. Hope
4. Isolate
5. Dead
6. Tear
7. Covered

Above & Below Lineup:

Bryce Seditz - Vocals, Guitars, Synth, Programming
Jeff Wilson - Bass, Manipulation, Production, Layout
Chris Smith  - Cover Art

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