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Aborted Fetus

Russian Brutal Death Metal band ABORTED FETUS return with their seventh album. Since 2018's release […]
By "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams
September 26, 2020
Aborted Fetus - Pyramids of Damnation album cover

Russian Brutal Death Metal band ABORTED FETUS return with their seventh album. Since 2018's release of The Ancient Spirits of Decay, Sergey "Hammer" Kulakov has left the band as drummer and Alexey Melyukhin has joined. This band is known as one of the biggest and best acts in the BDM world, so what have they got for us this time?

"Pharaoh's Disasters" kicks us off with a sludgy style of intro, this is to be expected. Build up works well as the tempo rises. The melodies work really well to get this going, it is a good instrumental piece, showing some technical touches to add class and depth as it leads us onto...

"Earth's Bloody Punishment" doesn't continue with the instrumental approach as vocals kick in right away, the melodies are the same, which works well for the intro. The tempo doesn't fly off the handles, yet it keeps the melodies well in place. The vocals are not as coarse as many BDM vocalists and although I can't understand a word, I'm good with it. Instrumentally it's a decent performance and shows a harmony together. They do try a brief stop in the song, allowing another build up, they do repeat this trick, but it still works and executed well. Great start.

"Execution by Toads" continues the overall feel of the melodies. Its once again got a decent instrumental approach and the vocals aren't just pointless screams and pig noises. Hate that shit. The tempo is set to sludge. The song continues to improve within itself running riot as far as balance goes, but remaining in control. Its another song filled with catchy melodies that fans of this subgenre will no doubt enjoy. Again, throwing in some technical guitar to add more depth and keep us all interested. Well played.

"Invasion of Bloodsucking Insects" once again pulls no punches. It's exactly what I love to hear in BDM. The tempo isn't sky high but the drum beat keeps it lively. The pace never seems to drop too far and keep going through the motions. Vocally, it's controlling the sway of the song brilliantly. The band execute any change perfectly. It's a bit different to what we have heard, but adding that awesome technical solo in to keep up appearances. The band mix the BDM styles with cleaner cut solos like many others would love to be able to.

"Queen's Prophecy" goes Spanish at the start, sounding like something from a film set in the Mediterranean or Latin area. This goes on for just under 90-seconds before reverting to the more known approaches, its so effective to keep it fresh. The tempo is set higher than the previous song, controlled well and very well-balanced. The strong links between string and drums is easy for anyone to hear. Vocals seem to just do their own thing, but still involved. The Latin effect returns abruptly to end the song.

"Cattle Pestilence" goes in a slightly altered approach, slower until an explosive drum segment rips it apart and forces in more intensity, well executed once more. The technical play is used once more, which I will never tire from. The vocals are short, but not outbursts, they are used to add depth to the melodies, and this they do very well. The tempo does slow down again a little until the drums come into play again, kicking it off and spicing it up once more. Such constructive changes.

"Goddess of Chaos" goes in a little heavier from the off, only just but successfully. Vocals are again short but easy enough to follow without me being able to understand any of them. This one is slowing down again, adding a thicker, cleaner solo to stir it all up. It's a different approach, but once more brilliant. remining me of DRUID LORD for that moment. An album needs variety to work, this one sure has it. Nothing they have done so far is disappointing.

"Abscesses on My Body" takes that peaceful approach and says fuck it. The vocals start off with the one growl as the instrumental melodies grow. This one feels the slow, sludge effect oozing out once more and although it sounds very similar to what we have heard, it is still a great song with good placement in the album. Less intensity, more control and balance. Not a bad thing as change is good if used correctly.

"Fire Spreading Over Earth" keeps the sludge feel but going a bit harder with the drums. This one has far more intensity from the vocals and the instrumentals gladly follow suit. The technical play hasn't come into play as much, but the twists and turns keep it interesting. The technical play does come into the song towards the end, cutting through the darkness perfectly. It is used so well the song never becomes dull, because as soon as you think it wont change, it does.

"Locust of Death" starts off with a breaking out of melodies from the instrumental aspects. Starting and stopping. The vocals add the new dimension and the stopping ceases. The thickness remains and to encourage this, the vocals remains slow and short. It's a great approach to work together. The technical guitar segments add more depth and make the song have more dimensions that you may have expected due to this album, but you welcome.

"Fear of Darkness" takes off exactly where the previous left off, you cannot tell the apart. Harmonies running riot, its slow ideal adds fuel to the sludge fire, but clean-cut approach from the guitars adds a new magnitude and mixes it all up. Vocals keep up the short stance that they have which I think if they do anything different it may ruin the harmonies. This I a far longer song, but it keeps regurgitating the approach and it doesn't mix up the idea, but blends them together for the song to flow.

"Pharaoh Firstborn's Execution" after the instrumental needed to kick off fast as this is the last full song. It does exactly what was needed. The vocals are fuller, but controlling. The instrumental melodies go with the vocals, never running away far, controlled. The pace of melodies does build and with that the vocals too, again showing full control. The song shows full understanding of the strengths of one another in the band. Its not a flash in the pan, its not pretty but it sure it powerful. Solid effort

I loved their previous album and I have not been let down by this album at all. Great mix of technical melodies and hard-hitting harmonies. Many changes and variations make this album amazing. One of the best Brutal Death Metal albums I have ever heard. I had three reviews to do this weekend and unwittingly saved the best for last.

10 / 10









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"Pyramids of Damnation" Track-listing:

1. Pharaoh's Disasters (Intro) (Instrumental)
2. Earth's Bloody Punishment
3. Execution by Toads
4. Invasion of Bloodsucking Insects
5. Queen's Prophecy
6. Cattle Pestilence
7. Goddess of Chaos
8. Tomb of Damnation (Instrumental) (Interlude)
9. Abscesses on My Body
10. Fire Spreading Over Earth
11. Locust of Death
12. Fear of Darkness (Instrumental) (Interlude)
13. The Ancient Ritual of Death
14. Pharaoh Firstborn's Execution
15. Outro (Instrumental)

Aborted Fetus Lineup:

Alexander "Meatgrinder" Andreev - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Sergey Doc - Bass Guitar
Igor Stafeev - Vocals
Alexey Melyukhin - Drums

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