Opus: Decay


Let me first state that these guys know what they are doing. This is unmistakeable […]
By Christian van Millingen
October 15, 2015
Abominor - Opus: Decay album cover

Let me first state that these guys know what they are doing. This is unmistakeable good Death/Black Metal (let us not get wound up in the specification and focus on the beauty of things), and it shall blast ye off the earth if you are not prepared. "Opus Decay" is ABOMINOR's great way of telling us that good metal could come from anywhere.

Iceland seems far away, and it's not icy at all according to documentaries. You would not expect this kind of brutality from a green and happy place, which is 90% fueled by geothermal sources. The beginning is strong. "474", which is in title just a number, has a strong Drone-ish intro. I thought I had to review some nice Drone/Sludge for a moment, until after a while, the nice blast kicked in. The guitars, drums and bass are all quite nice and heavy. Well aligned pieces of ear candy are spread over this quite long half of the EP. The only small remark I have here is that this might seem slightly ill vocalised. I thought it was quite nice sometimes, but some style changes seemed too risky and went off the chart. This is not quite what I expected, and it did not quite fit in my idea of the picture they try to create.

The second installment "Opus Decay" is another strong one. Long piece again, with same remarks. The songs line up quite good, and the overlap between them seems smooth. When listening to this, I felt quite dull. The experience is raw, brutal, but not exquisite as I prefer. I missed an element of longing after the end. Although it was good, I felt satisfied with it. Not left alone in an open field, but enclosed in darkness, filled with brutality. It has an end, and it feels good. Not that I wanted the music to be over.

8 / 10


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"Opus: Decay" Track-listing:

1. 474
2. Opus Decay

Abominor Lineup:

Alfreð Þór - Bass, Vocals
Óskar Þór - Guitars, Vocals
Kristinn Rafn - Guitars
Þórir Hólm - Drums

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