Bucket List


ABO is the first solo album by the guitarist Anders Bo, a Dannish musician that […]
By Samantha "Samii" Mittelstaedt
January 15, 2016
Abo - Bucket List album cover

ABO is the first solo album by the guitarist Anders Bo, a Dannish musician that makes several tours with many musicians like Mark Mendoza (ex-WHITESNAKE). He is one of the most famous support guitarists from Denmark and his album - "Bucket List" - will be release in January 2016 by Mighty Music.

He's recorded this album in 10 days using one of the finest studios in his country and wrote the songs with each singer who joins this album. The artwork is a black-and-white picture with his logo and the album's name; it's simple but the important here is the songs - the artwork is a supplement here.

With 10 tracks, 8 from them are sung with women, only "Back to Me" and "Shadow" was sung with Thomas Carlsen and Soren Andersen. The songs are commercial and radiophonics. You will find a sort of ballads like "Shadow", "Promise" and "Cherrytrees" that could easily a teenager romantic film track - films like "Twilight" - and Pop songs like "Grace", "Stay" and "Back to Me" that remembers a lot LEMMY KRAVITZ made when he was on top in radios. The instrumentals like "Stage Right", "Cars & Guitars" and "Picks & Cows" showing the technique that Anders have. With influences in JOE SATRIANI, these songs have a lot of groove and they're uncompromised with versatility or to play million notes per second. The singers are superb talented and they will catch you from the first note.

As you can see, "Bucket List" is a Pop Rock album with something more to offer. It's the talent by Anders Bo to make hooky songs and his talent to make incredible melodies. Of course, if you are a die-hard Metal fan, you will hate this album but, if you like good music whenever the style, "Bucket List" will please you a lot that makes to me. Another excellent work from Denmark.

7 / 10


"Bucket List" Track-listing:

1. Go Down
2. Shadow
3. Promise
4. Stage Right
5. Cherrytrees
6. Grace
7. Cars & Guitars
8. Stay
9. Back To Me
10. Picks & Cows

Abo Lineup:

Anders Bo - All Instruments
Rebecca Lou - Vocals
Celina Ree - Vocals
Jenny Sjöwal - Vocals
Thomas Carlsen - Vocals
Soren Andersen - Vocals

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