The Loss Of All Hope

Ablaze My Sorrow

ABLAZE MY SORROW were formed in 1993 and they are from Falkenberg, Sweden. The melodic […]
March 14, 2023
Ablaze My Sorrow - The Loss Of All Hope album cover

ABLAZE MY SORROW were formed in 1993 and they are from Falkenberg, Sweden. The melodic Death Metal outfit was active from 1993 to 2006, and then had a break until 2013. They released so far one EPs and five full-length albums. The second EP "The Loss Of All Hope" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ulf Blomberg (EXHALE; KARNIVORE) at HoboRec/The End Studios. It has a length of about 16 minutes, and it was released via Swedish label Black Lion Records, which is specialized in extreme Metal and melodic Death Metal.

The EP starts with a short guitar and vocal pre-lude before "Transfiguration (The Way Of The Strong)" really starts with traditional melodeath riffing within a catchy melodic framework. It is a song in mid-tempo, varying between the verse and chorus parts slightly. The growling vocals range around the medium end of the guttural range while, during the break, Jonas Udd includes also clean vocals. The melodies during the break have a few melancholic vibes. The song is a really good opening song, and there is no surprise that "Transfiguration (The Way Of The Strong)" was released as official lyric video with the YouTube link given below.

"Boundless" starts with a short symphonic intro and then transitions into a dark track with melancholic melodies. It is a mid-tempo track at a more measured tempo. The vocals sound very powerful with a lot of deeper notes included, and they are intensified by using background vocals for the chorus parts. The middle part has, besides all the melancholies, also a few epic features, and it includes a short, but contributing lead guitar solo. "Rotten To The Core" is a very different track compared to "Boundless". It is the fastest track on the album, and it comes with a few changes in tempo and rhythm. The song switches between dark, melancholic parts and more direct, less playful parts. The melodies are also quite different throughout the track, ranging from being grim to being more affected by the fast and aggressive riffing. The vocals include a lot of higher notes, which fits perfectly to the overall sound of the track.

"Enclosed In Crystals Of Ice" starts with powerful and thunderous riffing. It is a mid-tempo song with doom-laden melodies driven by the guitars and the vocals. The vocals are mainly deeper lying growls and there is again background vocal support. "Enclosed In Crystals Of Ice" is perhaps the song with the most epic melodies, in particular during the middle part of the song. The melodies have despite all the doom and gloom a lot of catchiness, and the chorus melodies have some anthemic features. The lead guitar solo near the end of the track is the highlight of the track. I am sure, "Enclosed In Crystals Of Ice" has all the ingredients to become a fan favorite.

"The Loss Of All Hope" fits into the music that ABLAZE MY SORROW is known for. It is traditional melodic Death Metal with darkness and doom embedded into the melodic framework. The melodies are epic at times and often melancholic. In my opinion, the lead guitars could have had more impact as the solos are relatively sparse, but that takes nothing away from this good release. Highlight for me is the versatility of the vocals. The EP is well produced. Fans of ABLAZE MY SORROW will like what they hear and hope for a new full-length album soon.

8 / 10









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"The Loss Of All Hope" Track-listing:

1. Transfiguration (The Way Of The Strong)
2. Boundless
3. Rotten To The Core
4. Enclosed In Crystals Of Ice

Ablaze My Sorrow Lineup:

Jonas Udd - Vocals
Magnus Carlsson - Guitars
Dennie Linden - Guitars
Alex Bengtsson - Drums
Anders Brorsson - Bass

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