Beaute Paienne


ABINAYA are not afraid to show where they're from, where they've been, and hopefully- where […]
By Harel "VanDerShtut" Golstein
March 21, 2014
Abinaya - Beaute Paienne album cover

ABINAYA are not afraid to show where they're from, where they've been, and hopefully- where they're going. This French based band, has the abilities to write more than solid material, and they perform the music they write with just as much passion and flare. It would be simplistic to say that Beauté Paienne, the band's 3rd release is nothing more than Death Metal, since its more varied than that. Music wise, these guys sound like mid career CARCASS (which is great); SEPULTURA at times, with wonderful tabla sounding drums- highlighting the ethnic, almost tribal sound of the band (actually it's a Djembe and battucadas!);  aggressive vocals along with clean ones for mellower parts. The vocals will remind you of the wonderful words-are-easy-to-understand- type of growls that Jeff Walker is famously known for, and at times the clean singing of the talented Kobi Farhi of ORPHANED LAND.

The tracks are smartly structured and convey cool groovy riffs, the occasional modern break, terrific guitar solos, and most rewardingly- interesting drumming interfused with ethnic influences. The singing's mostly in French, which is great.. if you're French. On rare occasions bits of English are thrown in to pet your ears, which in itself is another important element in all forms of art - diversity, eclecticism, and transfusion.  Beauté Paienne does not dare to go too far off the extreme cycle, but it bravely shows such elements are in separate for the sum of all parts.

This album is overall great, yet it would probably be a fair bet to say that it will barely reach the ears of a non metal listener. Never minding the band's purposes and intentions, fantasies of true commercial success and what not, I'd say it's important to make your art approachable beyond the spheres of your own niche. Not for superficial needs of gaining success; but for the thirst to make rich and wholesome art, a thirst that will eventually grow wild anyway. I'd advise our devoted readers to grab this album (especially if you're French, duh), and as for ABINAYA, I thank them for a pleasant listen and urge them for future releases - be even more edgy. Show you got balls. It's satisfying to hear SEPULTURA influences on any kind of project (they're all over the place in the world of Metal anyway), yet it's not surprising to hear these influences on extreme Metal acts alone. Got the point? Go wild.

8 / 10


"Beaute Paienne" Track-listing:

1. Almées
2. Arawaks
3. Beauté Païenne
4. Haine
5. L'Epitaphe
6. Le Noir Soleil
7. Le Nouvel Insurge (à Jules Valles)
8. Nord Sud

Abinaya Lineup:

Igor Achard - Guitar / Vocals
Nicolas Vieilhomme - Drums
André Santos - Bass
Nicolas Heraud - Percussion

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