Abigail's Mercy

Well, just when you think a sub-genre has been played-out, creatively exhausted and shamelessly flogged […]
By Chris Manouras
April 15, 2006
Abigail's Mercy - Salvation album cover

Well, just when you think a sub-genre has been played-out, creatively exhausted and shamelessly flogged to death, whereby the very thought of yet another female-fronted gothic-metal band makes you want to vomit (or partake in random acts of aggression), along comes a little-known newcomer, to change your perceptions and breathe some much-needed life back into the scene....
Hailing from the UK, Abigail's Mercy are a band who came together quite by chance, after their rhythm guitarist expressed a desire to create a band which would be capable of composing original material and standing on its own two feet in a live environment. After a few small rehearsals in local pubs deep in England, Abigail's Mercy established a solid line-up and they have since garnered a reputation for themselves as an impressive live act. Now we come to their first full-length album release and I have to say, it is a VERY impressive opus indeed. Back in the 80's, when genre boundaries were decidedly clearer and hybrid styles far less common, the Gothic rock and heavy metal genres were once considered mutually exclusive. Therefore, in the hands of a lesser band, the melding together of these disparate styles could have been disastrous.
It is a fine testament to Abigail's Mercy's ability as a band that they can pull this off effortlessly, especially on tracks such as opener "To Hell With Angels and the darkly anthemic "Meaningless. Unlike so many of their contemporaries, they manage to convincingly avoid the pitfalls of sounding derivative and have created a sound of their own, fusing together traditional Gothic rock with raw NWOBHM influences. In a surprising move for a present-day gothic-metal band, they eschew the highly polished and pristine production values of so many of their peers, in favour of a slightly more stripped-down approach. This is an approach which works extremely well and allows the harsher guitar sound to fully complement the melodic, darkly atmospheric vibe which permeates the album, right up until the closing bars of the (nameless 11th track) closing instrumental.
All in all, there is really very little to criticise about Salvation. The male and female vocals are both utilised to great effect, showcasing a great deal of diversity in song-writing approach. In fact, the way that frontwoman Lindsay switches from lead to backing vocals seamlessly throughout the album, deserves special credit. Whether they will go on to build on this promising debut remains to be seen, but for now, let's welcome the latest new contenders to the gothic-metal throne. Or in their own words: "Enter and beg for Mercy!

8 / 10


"Salvation" Track-listing:

To Hell With Angels
Just For You
Keep Me Coming
Sky Begins To Cry
Cloud Dancer

Abigail's Mercy Lineup:

Lindsey - Vocals
Steve - Bass & Vocals
John - Guitars
Terry - Guitars
Mark - Drums

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