The Accuser

Abigail Williams

How often do you remember your first experience with a band? See, we have this […]
By Aaron "Five Magics" Price
November 17, 2015
Abigail Williams - The Accuser album cover

How often do you remember your first experience with a band? See, we have this mattress store that doubles as a second hand CD store. As weird as it sounds, I saw this album in there, looked Metal as fuck! So obviously I bought it, had no idea who this band was or what to expect but for only a few bucks it seemed worth it. This album was ABIGAIL WILLIAMS 2008 release "In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns" and man, this was probably my first real experience with Black Metal. Black Metal is still rather new to me still compared to most other kinds of Metal, but had it not been for that day, it would be foreign to me.

Enough back story, today we are here to talk about the new ABIGAIL WILLIAMS album "The Accuser" in all its raw Black Metal glory. I mean it when I saw raw, this album sounds less produced than their aforementioned 2008 release and hell do they do it well. Being released on a label known for its Black Metal roster, Candlelight Records, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS will have to write an album that can withstand the fall of time in order to stand on top as one of the greatest Black Metal bands of all time.

To kick it off, you're hit instantly by a wall of raw sound in "Path Of Broken Glass" and the song is unrelenting. It's about standard for what you might expect, featuring banshee like vocals. The end of the song will introduce you to this albums gimmick, feedback. The band uses feedback in between songs to transition and honestly, it almost makes the album sound live. The second song "The Cold Lines" is a bit slower and mostly instrumental, while ""Of The Outer Darkness" mixes a slower tempo with a more melodic sound to contrast with the speed the song starts out with.

Some of the songs I would highly recommend are "Will, Wish and Desire" and "Forever Kingdom of Dirt" for their more early Norwegian Black Metal sound. ABIGAIL WILLIAMS wrote an album that sounds like IMMORTAL and ENSLAVED, but at the same time sounds absolutely new. "The Accuser"  is an outstanding album, full of personality, but it's incredibly raw and will most definitely appeal to the longstanding Black Metal fans.

8 / 10


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"The Accuser" Track-listing:

1. Path of Broken Glass
2. The Cold Lines
3. Of The Outer Darkness
4. Will, Wish and Desire
5. Godhead
6. Forever Kingdom of Dirt
7. Lost Communion
8. Nuumite

Abigail Williams Lineup:

Ken Sorceron - Vocals, Guitars
Ian Jekelis - Guitars
Jeff Wilson - Guitars
M.L. - Bass
Charlie Fell - Drums

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