When it comes to Black Metal, ABBATH's name is known throughout the many corners of […]
By Michael Coyle
March 1, 2016
Abbath - Abbath album cover

When it comes to Black Metal, ABBATH's name is known throughout the many corners of the earth as a legendary band who has helped create some of the sub-genres of Metal. ABBATH has released some of the greatest records in Black Metal, such as Immortal, and I. Now with the New Year, we see ABBATH return with full force with the self titled record, let us take a trip through the ocean of wounds and track the root of the mountain, for ABBATH has returned!

We start this review off with the track "To War!". For an opening track this certainly gives us a great idea as to what this record has to offer for fans of ABBATH. The track opens strong and certainly delivers what you would expect from ABBATH. The way this song opens shows us that the track was made to grab the attention of the listener, showing that this is our march to war! not only is it a strong and powerful track, but it holds some very familiar ideas to which we have listened to in the past showing that even with a new record being under his name it is still the same man charging forth in the same war paint as we remember. Since first listening to "To War!" I have had this on repeat along with the record's second track, "Winterbane", which I am honestly addicted to in every way. There has not been a moment of the day that I have not blasted out "Winterbane", it is certainly a catchy song with an opening that sends you banging your head hard. I found that with the track "Winterbane", we are given a deeper look into what we can expect in terms of ABBATH's live performances. What we get with this track is nothing more then pure energy at it's best, giving us a song that honestly would send any person stamping the ground hard to every beat played by drummer, Creature.

This record brings together some very interesting ideas, mixing familiar sounds with a new idea, bringing the new ideas into the fold, giving us a record that stands tall. This is a record that I believe will go down as an example of great music even years after  ABBATH has recorded anything. This album is proof  that ABBATH is still capable of bringing a record that can be classed as an instant classic. For the next track, I wanted to focus on the track "Count the Dead," which was released last year as a single. This track gave fans an instant idea as to what ABBATH's new album would feel and sound like. From the attention "Count the Dead" received throughout the internet, fans have started to become interested in what was being done with this album, and once released, it gave fans a new feel mixed with an old a classic dose of Abbath's power as both a vocalist and guitarist.

Opening with the sound of rain, as well as a voice in the back shouting the phrase "Count the Dead" we are brought face first into the track. The song itself is solid as it can be, giving fans a new a song that resembles classic "Immortal" in terms of the sound. "Count the Dead" is a track that certainly stimulates the mind, which for a single release is what you would want. While at the same time it can be said that Abbath has worked to keep his signature tone while additionally adding bits and pieces to make sure that it is obvious that this is not IMMORTAL, but a new band with fire in their step.

8 / 10









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"Abbath" Track-listing:

1. To War!
2. Winterbane
3. Ashes of the Damned
4. Ocean of Wounds
5. Count the Dead
6. Fenrir Hunts
7. Root of the Mountain
8. Endless
9. Nebular Ravens Winter

Abbath Lineup:

Abbath - Guitars, Vocals
King - Bass
Creature - Drums

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