No Love Lost

A Room Swept White

A ROOM SWEPT WHITE took their first shapes at the very end of 2011; they […]
By Branislav Stanojevic
February 26, 2015
A Room Swept White - No Love Lost album cover

A ROOM SWEPT WHITE took their first shapes at the very end of 2011; they raised a rebellion flag in the South-East of England with the idea of bringing a new sound and a new style. As they mentioned in their bio: "A ROOM SWEPT WHITE have etched out a sound that is hard-hitting, yet still inventive ".

At first, I would like to point out that today's review should be taken seriously; any mislead you could get reading this is your call, not mine. I shall try to describe the marks they left on me. So, what would be the first image that appears if you read a name, A ROOM SWEPT WHITE, and if you had to guess by their name, what that guessing is? A Hard-core band maybe, or Metal-core? Well, you are the most righteous in this one.

This trip tagged "No Love Lost" starts very simply, yet it teases you a lot. What I mean is - the melancholia of it is amazing; at the moment of my need to understand "Recollection" is suddenly ends?! The heck? Why? Is this a trick guys? You had my focus on it, and unexpectedly the song is gone? Okay then. "This Life" - and here the story begins, the power and the anger kicks you right in your damn chin. I love the melodic parts, the sweet symphony tickles my senses, the combo of harsh vocals mixing with clean singing, and the tempo drop-down somewhere at the middle of the song, it really fuzzes you. Even though "No Love Lost'' is linked with the previous one, this is a whole different elaboration, here you can feel that these five men are not making music out of their fun, they have something to offer, musically speaking.

There's one funny thing actually; this whole time I feel like I ended up within a late 90's or an early 2000's American High-school love story where there's a guy chasing a dream girl, and then they all gathered at the party where two of them will crown each other? But at some point, you see a garage-band having a gig on that party, and that band is no one other than A ROOM SWEPT WHITE. Maybe, as a kid I watched too many films like the mentioned story above, but I cannot resist saying that you recall me of those ''sweetish'' Hard-core boy bands, like I'm in the official video of ALL AMERICAN REJECTS new Popish hit? Okay, there's also benefit of that, alternative girls will love the sounds of your paths, but I'm sorry, as a metalhead myself, I am kindly disappointed to seehear this kind of work; to me this sounds too childish.

In your advance, your musical skills and your innovation made me to mark this patent with an eight, but that's it.<

8 / 10


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"No Love Lost" Track-listing:

1. Recollection
2. This Life
3. No Love Lost
4. Time Heals
5. Better Days

A Room Swept White Lineup:

Ryan Elliott - Vocals
Alex Kirrage - Vocals, Guitar
Michael Flood - Guitar
James Nicoll - Bass
James Farrant - Drums

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